Pier to Pier 2016

Results are now available from the myrace website


The Pier to Pier Run will take place on the 22nd of May.

Online entry is now available at the directly from our site or via the  myrace website

Costs are £23 for unattached runners and £21 for UKA registered

A bus is available for only £2

Over 475 entries already sold make sure you don’t miss out



144 Responses

  1. Helen Mullarkey says:

    Do you have a hard copy entry form for this years run?

  2. Yvonne Bosson says:

    We (John and Yvonne Bosson) have changed club from Blackhill Bounders to Derwent Valley Trail Runners, would you be able to amend our race entry please.

  3. Helen Mullarkey says:

    Thank you for getting back to me Harry. When you get more hard copies can you send me two please. I run the Pier to Pier race every yr. Helen and Peter Mullarkey, Saltwell Harriers. Your records from previous yr will have our address on. Or you can email me a copy. Looking forward to completing the race.
    Many thanks Helen

  4. Amy Hodgson says:

    Hi, I saw this advertised on classified ads at work at Nissan. I am interested in doing the run, do I have to join the running club to do the race? Also where is the starting point for the race? Thanks.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Amy, you don’t have to be a Club member to complete the Pier to Pier Race, we have many Unattached runners along with athletes representing a huge number of clubs from across the North East. The Race Start is adjacent to the pier in South Shields. When entering the race you can also purchase a bus ticket for transport from Roker to South Shields prior to the start.

  5. Graham says:

    Could you please confirm i have entered The Pier to Pier 2016?. I have entered so many runs I got a bit confused.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Andrew

      Hopefully you got my message from the other night but yes, you are entered for this years Pier to Pier.

  6. Ray says:

    Hi are there any mementos for this run, medal t shirt etc?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Ray

      Apologies for the slow reply, there will be a goodie bag for all finishers. We pride ourselves on providing unusual and innovative goodies and we aim to do the same this year. Last years finishers received a towel, sunglasses, a medal and re-usable race number tags. All runners also receive a bottle of water, a chocolate bar and a bag of crisps.

  7. Nicola Hawkins says:

    Hi can you run to raise money for a charity?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Nicola

      You’re more than welcome to run the Pier to Pier in aid of your chosen charity, good luck with your fundraising.

  8. Amar Sudan says:

    Hello I have entered the pier to pier race 2016. I am a slow runner and can manage about 13 -14 minute miles. I have been told that this is too slow for the event. Is that correct?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Amar

      The race has a cut off time of 2 hours, the distance is approximately 7 miles. Therefore providing you are faster than around 17 minute miles you’ll be absolutely fine and very welcome. Last years final finisher completed the course in 108 minutes (that’s an average pace of over 15 minute miles).

  9. Richard Barron says:

    I’ve just entered the Pier-to-Pier, and selected the bus from Sunderland to S/S thinking that it would take me back to the start (where I am due to be staying, having travelled up from Sussex) after the race. I’ve just read Harry Harrison’s reply to Amy Hodgson and this only mentions transport before the run. Are there actually any buses returning to S/S afterwards?
    Also, can you provide details of the course, please? Thanks.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Richard

      Unfortunately there is no return transport from the finish to the start after the race. There is public transport which runs from Sunderland to South Shields.

      The race starts on the beach at South Shields, the first mile is on the sand before a short climb onto the grass paths across The Leas (an area of open grass maintained by the National Trust. Runners can select any of the several paths providing they do not run on the footpath beside the main road, this will result in disqualification. The route hugs the cliff tops and passes between Souter Lighthouse (where there is a water point) and the sea. Sticking close to the cliff tops the path narrows as you pass through a few kissing gates before reaching the promenade at Seaburn on the outskirts of Sunderland. After following the prom runners descend once more to the beach and the final 400 metres heading directly for Roker Pier. Apart from the sand on the beach the surface underfoot is generally good, packed tracks together with tarmac along the prom. The beach at South Shields can be a little wet depending on how recently the tide has retreated.

      • Amar Sudan says:

        I selected the bus as well thinking it was from Sunderland back to South Shields. 🙁

        • Harry Harrison says:

          I’m afraid that the online entry page cleary states that transport is from Roker (Sunderland) to South Shields and that there is no transport available after the race.

  10. Lee says:

    How long is the race? Time does it start? There’s a lot of info missing…

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Lee

      All of the information regarding distance, timings etc is on the entry website. Since runners can select their preferred route across The Leas area an exact distance is not available but it is around 7 miles. The race starts at 10am.

  11. Natalie Johnson says:

    are the numbers for the Pier to Pier transferable please? I’m sure I entered but I cant find any emails regarding this and I have now booked a holiday.

  12. Deborah Houghton says:

    Hi I didn’t select the bus option when I signed up, neither did my friend, is there a contact number I can call to purchase 2 tickets please

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Deborah

      Tickets will be available for transport from Sunderland to South Shields on the day of the race. We urge runners to arrive as early as they can to ensure that they have plenty of time at South Shields to prepare for the race. There will be a baggage bus to take any belongings back to Sunderland that you don’t want to run in.

  13. Amy says:

    If your not with a running club can you do this run independently?
    Thank you

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Amy

      All runners are more than welcome to take part in the Pier to Pier Race whether you are part of a Club or not. Those who are part of a Club and have paid their UK Athletics affiliation fee receive a £2 discount on their entry fee.

  14. David Little says:


    Do we collect our race number on the day or is it posted to us?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi David

      We will be sending out race numbers, first batch should be on their way before the end of next week.

  15. Victoria Harrison says:

    Hi, I signed up over the weekend if I’ve just joined a running club yesterday. Would it be possible to get this added to my entry for the results please? It’s the Tyne Bridge Harriers. Thank you 🙂

  16. brendan says:

    What time does the run start / finish?

    I am the manager at Virgin Active….. would you like to leave some entry forms at out Reception so our members can enter?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Brendan

      Race start time is 10am, time limit for completion is 2 hours.

      That would be great if you could put out some entry forms. I’ll either pop up or pass the forms onto Abbie Swan who lives next door but one to bring up next time she’s taking a class.

  17. ian goulding says:

    I have received an email saying I’m registered. Is that all I need to do? I am not certain the financial transaction to pay you went through.

    Hello Ian Goulding!

    Your registration for Sunderland Strollers Pier to Pier 2016 has been transmitted. Please review the most important entries:
    Last Name: Goulding
    First Name: Ian
    Year of Birth: 1964
    Sex: male
    Contest: Pier to Pier 2016

    Your Organization Team

  18. daniel says:

    Hi what time does bus leave roker?

  19. Kirsty Walker says:

    Hi, I have recently changed my club from Durham City Harriers to Birtley AC, please can my entry be updated. Thanks Kirsty Walker

  20. Karen Arnott says:

    Hi! Is this run suitable for new runners? I’ve started training for the great North run and probably be quite slow.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      It’s not too challenging and given that much of the route is on sand or grass it’s quite forgiving for the legs. The distance is about 7 miles and our time cut off is 2 hours which means that you need to be running faster than 17 min/miles. The final finisher last year completed the course in 1hr 48 mins. We also have a route sweeper to make sure that no one gets left behind.

  21. Simon Cotterill says:

    Roughly how much of the course is on the sand? Thanks.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Simon,

      Approximately the first mile is all on sand (the beach at South Shields), you then don’t return to the sand until Roker when the last 400m or so are on sand.

  22. Daniel says:

    Hi do you know if I will receive a race number or email about event just haven’t received anything so far?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Danny

      Your race number went in the post last Friday and should be with you this week

  23. Steve D says:

    Hi, I tried to book a place this evening, but I havent received s confirmation email. Is there a way you can check if I’ve obtained a place ?

  24. David Higgins says:

    I tried to register for Pier to Pier it went all the way through then I got a message saying that page wasn’t secure, do you know if I have registered as don’t want the money coming out bank twice.



  25. David Higgins says:

    Hi I tried to register this afternoon and I’m not sure it went through as it mentioned that the page wasn’t secure. I have revived an email with my details but not sure if the payment went through.

    Thanks Dave

  26. Paul arnott says:

    Hi…I entered the pier to pier but due to a predictive text error my second name has last letter wrong, can this be corrected? Thank you.

  27. Clive says:

    Are there any pacers at this event please?

  28. Elaine O'Mara says:

    Hi are the numbers still getting sent out?just I entered before my sister and she received hers Friday but I have not got mine yet? Thanks

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Elaine

      Your number was sent out last Friday so hopefully it will arrive this week. Please do let me know if it doesn’t turn up so that was can sort out a replacement.

  29. Barbara Harker says:

    When I entered I forgot to request a bus ticket – can I still get one?

  30. Paul Henshaw says:

    Hi I entered the pier to pier on the 2nd of may and was wondering if I should have received a conformation email?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Paul

      You should have received an email, it may have gone into a junk or spam folder. Your race number and instructions was sent out on Wednesday (3rd May).

  31. Lauren young says:

    Hi, I am a bit worried as my mums race number came in the post last week but mine still has not arrived and we both entered and paid at the same time and live at the same
    address hope you can help
    Thanks Lauren (Blackhill Bounders)

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Lauren

      I can’t see an entry for you on the database, I’m presuming your mum is Julia Young (719)?

      • Lauren young says:

        Yeh she is, I will check to make sure the payment definitely went through, if somethings went wrong is it to late to enter ?

        • Harry Harrison says:

          Hi Lauren

          Online entry is open until Wednesday evening, there will probably be some entries on the day too.

  32. Tamsin says:

    What’s the last date that I can enter the race?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Online entries will close at midnight on 11 May. Depending on how many entries we sell there may be entries on the day, available at South Shields, for £25. Our race limit is 1200 and we have currently sold over 1000 entries.

  33. Rebecca clark says:

    Hi I’ve just entered this morning will my number be getting sent straight out and do we get information on the route please?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Rebecce

      I’m about to start parceling up the latest entries so they should be with you early next week. Each race number is accompanied by full race instructions.

  34. Gillian Ball says:

    Hi Harry, can you confirm that my entry has gone through please – still haven’t received my number – Gillian Ball – Evenwood Road Runners

  35. Angela cockroft says:

    Hi – would it be possible to order a bus ticket please? I was going to buy a ticket on the day but after speaking to to nearly every runner in the north east who confirms they are also taking part I’m worried they may be no room. Thanks. Angela Cockroft (Peterlee ladies)

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Angela

      As online entries are still open I’ve updated your entry details to include bus ticket and popped one in the post. Please pay your £2 to the Bus Marshal on the day.

  36. Lauren young says:

    Hi, I redid my entry last night would you be able to check if it’s worked this time for me please

  37. Kathleen Bancroft says:

    Hi, is there any drink stations available during the run?


  38. Scott Clennell says:

    Hi – I have received my pack but the bus ticket paid for isn’t in. Can this please be sent out? The one ordered for my partner at the same time did include the ticket.


  39. Steve Udale says:

    Hello Harry, are entries closed now?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Steve

      Yes, online entries closed last night. There will be up to 76 entries available on the day, possibly more but we will confirm next week. Registration will be at South Shields, cost £25.

  40. Diane Wood says:

    I am no longer able to do the run unfortunately, I was so looking forward to it. Please can you advise on how I can swap my number to another female member at my running club.

  41. Paul says:

    Where do I have to go to register for the race on Sunday the day of the race and what time will I need to be there for to do so. I understand it’s £25 to enter on the day

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Paul

      On the day registration happens in the car park between the The Dunes Amusement Arcade and South Shields Pier. Registration will open from around 8:15am.

  42. Donna says:


    Myself and two mates are running this race for the first time, where is the pick up point for the bus to take us to shields and at what time? Also where is the finish as my hubby will be waiting , also where can we park? Many thanks

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Donna

      I’ll try to answer all your questions!!

      The buses will be going from Marine Walk which is the road at the bottom of the hill beneath the Bungalow Cafe. The first bus will leave as soon after 8am as it is full. The finish is on the beach at Roker, around 50m away from the Pier wall. Finishers then come off the beach onto the promenade where there will be drinks, goodies and food. Parking is often quite busy but there are plenty of spaces down towards the yacht club.

      I hop you and your friends enjoy the race

  43. Helen Ashburner says:


    Can I enter on the day?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Helen

      We have around 120 entries available on the day, om sale at the start area at South Shields for £25. Unfortunately we can only guarantee a goodie bag for the first 75 entries on the day.

  44. Ray says:

    Damn just got back from holiday and online registration closed, wouldn’t want to register in day and miss out on goody bag, maybe nxt year

  45. David Baldridge says:

    How do I purchase a bus ticket?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi David

      Bus tickets were available to purchase during entry but will also be available on the day for £2 at Roker.

  46. Rhonda Pickering says:

    I entered a while ago but still haven’t received my race number yet. I had the confirmation email.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Rhonda

      Your race number was sent out approximately 2 weeks ago. It was sent to the address given when you registered.

      • Rhonda Pickering says:

        I haven’t received anything. What should I do?

        • Harry Harrison says:

          Hi Rhonda

          That’s really disappointing. We’ll sort out a replacement number that you can pick up on the day. Since you’d requested a bus ticket we’ll arrange for the number to be at Roker, along with your bus ticket on Sunday morning. I’ll send through a copy of the race instructions to your email address.

  47. Leo Africano says:

    Hi guys, I injured my knee and won’t be able to run – is there any chance that I can transfer the registration for next year? Thank you

  48. Paul o'mara says:

    Hi harry hoping to enter the race on the day,what time is best to get two the start to guarantee myself a goodie bag?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Paul

      We should have up to 120 entries available on the day; however, we can only guarantee a goodie bag for the first 70 of those. There will probably be enough left over from non-runners but we won’t know until later on. Entries on the day will open at 8:15am up at South Shields in the car park beside the amusement arcade.

  49. Nadine says:

    Hi Harry – I haven’t got a pre- paid ticket for bus will I still be ok to use it?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Nadine

      Yes non-ticket holders can use the buses by paying £2 on the day. Please get there as early as you can as we are expecting it to be very busy. The first bus will depart shortly after 8am.

  50. Sue Barnes says:

    I need to transfer my place – pulled hamstring so can’t run :o( – what details do you need please?

  51. Richard marsh says:

    Hi i paid for a bus ticket on my entry but there is no ticket in my pack how do i get on the bus please

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Richard

      Sorry about that, I’ll put a bus ticket with your name on it with the Bus Marshal tomorrow morning.

  52. Nadine says:

    Hi I sent an email to transfer my number will I receive confirmation it is sorted? Thanks

  53. Beverley says:

    Hi are there still places left to register on sunday morning , and if there are can use the bus service to get there … thanks

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Bev

      There are 120 numbers left for tomorrow, available at South Shields from 8:15am costing £25. We can only guarantee a goodie bag for the first 70 entries. If you want to use the bus, they will start at 8am from Roker, cost £2.

  54. Olivia Neal says:

    Hello. I have sent an email to transfer my number (134, Olivia Neal). Thanks.

  55. Richard marsh says:

    Cheers harry

  56. Eric Stamp says:

    Hi can I please transfer a number from Philip Bousefield, Blackhill bounders to Eric Stamp same club. number is 667.
    my D.O.B. is 22/01/58 (age 58) England Athletics number is 2858304.

  57. Scott Clennell says:

    Hi – firstly thanks for sorting my bus ticket out all received 🙂

    Is there any specific place to park at roker , or anywhere suggested ? Sorry if I’ve missed this in the race info 🙂

  58. Alison Doering says:

    Hi, I can’t do the run at the last min because of my father in law going into hospital – any chance I could defer my place till next time? Disappointed to be missing out

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Alison

      Sorry to hear you were unable to run, I’m afraid that we don’t offer refunds of deferrals.

  59. Steve D says:

    Excellent event Harry, my first time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to my chipped time. Thanks again.

  60. Philip Atkinson says:

    Great race today. A special thank you to Kirsty who did the on day entries in the car park outside the Dunes in Shields this morning. Well organised and a top a event for the northeast that should get bigger and bigger if the authorities allow. Well done to all involved from Sunderland Strollers.
    Phil. Birtley AC.

  61. Danny says:

    Is there any photos of todays race please

  62. Steve D says:

    Amar, in lieu of Harry’s official answer, I found the results via: http://my2.raceresult.com/46668/results?lang=en#1_94D641
    Not sure where photos can be found though.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi, the photos are currently on the LK Photography Facebook page, they will be coming to the LK Photography web pages but that takes a little longer, they will be available to purchase without the logos.

  63. Joanna says:

    Really enjoyed the run! Will definitely do it again, do you know where we can find the photographs from the event?
    Thank you

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Joanna, photos are on the LK Photography website (www.lkphotography.net), they also have a Facebook Group

  64. Danny says:

    Is there a link to enter the 2017 event thanks

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