About Sunderland Strollers

Sunderland Strollers is a sociable running club with a sense of humour which is based at The Beacon of Light adjacent to the Stadium of Light.

We have over 300 members with 40% women and an age range from 21-78.

Take running as seriously as you like. Some members never race, while others race most weeks at distances from 5km to Ultra Marathon.

It’s £35/year to join Strollers – this includes your England Athletics (UKA) registration fee which entitles you to a £2 discount on any UKA race.

Our membership form can be downloaded in word format below
New Strollers membership form

During the Cross Country season we take part in the North East Harrier League.

Results can be found on the Harrier League results page.

We also enter teams into various local Relay Races.

In May, we host the Pier to Pier Race.

31 Responses

  1. Klaas Loonstra says:

    Do you have the results from the races below??





    SUNDAY 6th DECEMBER 2015 AT 09:00 / 11:00







    • Harry Harrison says:

      The Doorstep Marathon and Half Marathon are not races, they are runs organised by the Club to support our chosen charity. There are no results.

  2. Lyne says:

    How do I get a password for the news page?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Lyne

      There isn’t anything yet on the news page that you’re missing. Once I start using it regularly I’ll be sending out the password. Need to do a bit of a prune of the distribution list first!

  3. ann says:

    hi, I am new to running / jogging, was wondering if you have a beginners group, and also what day and time it is held

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Ann

      We don’t currently have a Beginners Group, there will be one starting in the New Year but the exact date hasn’t yet been agreed. It will follow a 16 week programme which should take non-runners to the point where they can comfortably run 5 miles without stopping. It will meet on a Tuesday evening at 6:30pm at Ashbrooke Sports Club. Keep an eye on our website as full details will be advertised there.

  4. brian pickup says:

    Hi, I’ve been running on and off for years but couple of years ago I had an Achilles injury and struggling to find the motivation to get back into running. Ive never been fast, but do enjoy it. Was hoping running in a club might give me some motivation? When would be the best time to givevthe strollers a go ?? Running about 60min 10k this year ideally would like to drop that a bit 🙂

    Cheers Brian

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Brian

      Our main Club night is Wednesday when we meet at Ashbrooke Sports Club at 7pm and take out a number of groups of different abilities. There are other runs during the week, details on the website. Best advice would be to come and give us a go, no obligation to join straight away and see what you think.

  5. Julie says:


    I have completed the membership form and was wondering if there is an email address I can scan a copy to, or does it have to be posted?



  6. Nichola Smiles says:

    Hi, I haven’t ran for a few years after knee surgery and would like to start again. I have seen a post saying there is a beginners session starting on a Tuesday 6:30 in January. Can you confirm the date that this is starting please? I’m very keen to get training again ?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Nicola

      Yes the Beginners Group will start at 6:30pm on Tuesday 16 Jan. We’ll meet in the Ditchburn Room at Ashbrooke Sports Club. The cost of the 16 week course is either £1/week or £10 if you pay at the begining. The aim of the course is for everyone to be able to run at least 5 miles without stopping. Hope to see you next week.


  7. Nichola Smiles says:

    Hi Harry, that’s brilliant I am really looking forward to it ? I will be there for sure.
    My 8 year old son was interested in coming and joining in, would that be possible? Thank you ?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Nicola

      Sorry but Strollers is an adults only club so your son would not be able to join you. The Sunderland Harriers and Houghton Harriers do have junior sections but I believe that the youngest they will take is 9 years old.


  8. Kate Coe says:

    Hi. Am watching a programme on BBC2 about Sunderland (my roots but l now live in Devon). Part of the prog showed the strollers and I saw a man wearing a white tee shirt with the lighthouse on and wondered how l can get hold of one? Thank you.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Kate

      Hope you enjoyed the programme, we had a lot of fun with the BBC filming our Pier to Pier Race. Unfortunately the t-shirt that you describe is one of very few. They are highly prized and were worn by our volunteers on the day rather than given out to runners completing the race. Sadly there are none left. Sorry!

      Harry Harrison
      Pier to Pier Race Director

  9. Alan Martin says:

    I’m plenty aware that this is an adult club, but could you please direct me to a club in Sunderland that would be willing to take 17-year-olds in? I run 10k for 4 days in a week, is it really a big deal if run with people 4 years my age and above?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Alan
      The age limit for joining Strollers is 17, if you’d like to come and run with us before deciding whether to join you’re most welcome. Our main Club night is Wednesday when we meet at Ashbrooke Sports Club at 7pm, more details are on the website. This week (27 Jun) we’re all up at Silksworth track doing a mile time trial so probably best if you came next week. Ask for me or Bill Kirk and we can explain how everything works.
      Harry Harrison

  10. andrew staley says:

    Hi, Im looking to join the club. Would it be ok to join in on Wednesdays session?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Andrew

      Yes that would be fine, we are more than happy for people to try us out before deciding whether to join. We’ll have 4 separate groups heading out, depending on what sort of pace/distance you’re comfortable with I’ll be able to advise which group will suit you best. We meet at Ashbrooke Sports Club at 7pm and aim to be of running just after 7:15pm. All of the groups should be back by 8:30pm. I’ll be around before the session so ask for me and I can explain how it all works.

      Harry Harrison
      Club Chairman

  11. Gavin Nichols says:


    I’m would like to join your club. I’ve ran on and off for years but now had a 2 year break. I really want to get back into it. Can I come along to a few sessions before I commit? I’ll be honest my fitness has took a hit in the last couple of years and would want to start out pretty slow.



    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Gavin

      Yes, we’re more than happy for people to ‘try before you buy’. Our normal Club night is Wednesday when we meet at Ashbrooke at 7pm; however, this week everyone will be down at Roker seafront racing in our winter handicap. Next Weds we’re doing a short Santa run into the town to sing some carols and raise some money for St Benedicts Hospice. May be best to wait until the New Year when things get back to normal.

      Club Chair

      • Gavin Nichols says:

        Ah excellent. I wish I messaged sooner I would have loved to do that run for St Benedicts.
        Will the first meeting be 8th Jan?



  12. Claire says:

    Hi I’d like to join a running club as a complete beginner. Do you have any beginner clubs?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Claire

      Apologies for the slow reply, unfortunately our Beginners Group is almost at the end of their programme and there won’t be another group until Jan 2023. In Sunderland there is a excellent Run England group called Silky Striders who cater for beginners all year round. They meet at the Puma Centre in Silksworth, search for them online and you’ll find all of their details.

      Strollers Chairman

  13. Ian butler says:

    Hi there,
    I’m currently 26 years of age , how do I get in contact with someone to join your running club, iv been running road running Solo just under 2 years now and I wouldn’t mind getting amongst a sqaud to enjoy my running even more.

    Thanks Ian

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Ian

      Sorry for delayed reply but I see that you’ve already joined us, welcome. Look forward to meeting you although may be a little while as I’m currently off-running due to a knee injury!

      Harry Harrison
      Club Chairman
      Sunderland Strollers

  14. Mike Dunne says:

    Hello – I want to sign up to the club. Is membership still £30 and are the bank details still – Sunderland Strollers (09-01-29 – 05585618).

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