Championship Scoring

Championship Scoring Explained

The maximum points awarded to the fastest runner in any race is 250.

Strollers can participate in as many of the races as they wish, but only the best 6 scores will count.

A minimum of 6 races must be completed in order to be included in the Championship.

There are 3 different groups of races in the Championship and the way points are awarded for each one varies slightly.

1.’Away Day’ Championship Races.

Each year the committee announces a number of nominated local races that Strollers can enter.

The only people who will score points from these races are the people who complete the nominated race.

If for example 20 Strollers finish the nominated race, the 1st Stroller home will score 250 points,2nd Stroller 249 points,3rd Stroller 248 points etc etc. The 20th Stroller would score 230 points.

The actual finishing position in the race has no regards for the points scored. It is purely a race amongst Strollers.

Once these points are awarded they will not change, they are ‘locked in’

  1. Club Organised Races

The identical  scoring system to the ‘away day races’ is used for the club organised races.(Guess Your Time 5 Miles,Woody’s 5K  and the 3km Time Trial.) The only difference being that because the races are only open to Strollers the winner of the race will automatically score 250 points,2nd place 249  etc etc. Once awarded these point are also ‘locked in’

3.Nominated Distance Races

The method of scoring points for the 6 fixed distance races is as follows:

    On the nominated closing date of the Championship the Stroller who has ran the fastest 5km time of the year will score 250 points, the 2nd fastest time 249 points,3rd fastest time 248 points etc etc.If throughout the year 50 different Strollers ran a 5km race, the slowest person  of the 50 would  still score 200 points.

The same scoring system is used across all six of the nominated distances.

So somebody who runs for example, a half marathon in February might initially be awarded 250 points for running the fastest time to date that year.As the year progresses and more people run half marathons with faster finishing times, that person’s points may reduce.

The only time these points become ‘locked in’ is on the closing date of the championship.

Divisions and Age Group Prizes

There are five divisions for both men and women with 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in each division being awarded trophies.

The Age Group prizes are also awarded for both men and women,with the age groups being split into 5 year categories.The youngest being Senior followed by V35,V40, V45 etc etc up to and including V70.

The age group a runner competes in is based on that runner’s age on the date the championship starts.

A runner cannot be awarded two trophies. The division prizes out rank the Age Group prizes.

 So for example a female finishing 3rd in Div 2 but also winning the Female V40 prize would win the Div 2 3rd place trophy. The female who finished 2nd in the Female V40 category would, assuming they had also not won a division award, win the Female V40 Age Group trophy.

As well as the Division and Age group trophies there is an overall Sunderland Strollers Male and Female Championship competition. Again there are trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. These trophies are awarded based on total championship points won,irrespective of the division the individual runners are in.The winner of these trophies can also win either Division or Age Group prizes.I.E This is the only occasion where a runner can win 2 trophies.

The 3 special awards of Most Improved New Stroller,Most Improved Veteran Stroller and Best Age Graded Performer are separate awards to the Championship,Divisions and Age Group trophies and can be won by anybody, regardless of any other trophies they may already have won that year.