Social Media Policy

Strollers Social Media Policy

Over the past few years the Strollers Facebook page has become the one of the main conduits through which news and messages have been conveyed. While undoubtedly a very useful tool it also has its shortcomings, principally that not everyone uses FB (the recent survey suggested approximately 25% do not have a FB account). There is also the risk that comments and discussions about internal issues within the Club can rapidly get out of hand and could be used in a malicious manner by others. Not all members of our FB group are Strollers, since it is in our interests to maintain good links with the North East Running Community selected individuals from outside the Club have been given membership.

Recently those Strollers who are Administrators have had to take action to delete comments or even entire threads as their contents do not show the Club in its best light. We will not hesitate to continue to take this action, if an individual is found to be a repeat offender then consideration will be given to removing them, either temporarily or permanently, from the group.

The attached Social Media Policy applies to all such forms including FaceBook. I would be grateful if Club Members could take a little time to read it and bear it in mind when they are next posting or commenting.



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