Weekly Training Sessions

We arrange sociable training sessions five days per week for all abilities.

Running with a group is a great way to learn tips and tricks and improve your running. It also is great motivator to get you out when the weather isn’t great. Below is the weekly schedule, on a less regular basis there are Tempo Runs along with ad-hoc runs both here in Sunderland, across the North Yorkshire Moors and in the Lake District. Details of these are posted on the Club’s Facebook Group, this is only open to Club Members.

  • Monday Penshaw Hill Run

This is typically a 10k run across very undulating terrain, head torches are essential during the winter months and trail shoes are recommended. It can get very muddy but it’s great for strength training. There is plenty of regrouping in this session.

Meet on the road at the bottom of Penshaw monument at 6pm

  • Tuesday Track session

A Track session at Silksworth Track, we have use of the track between 5:30 and 6:30. All members are welcome to use the track during these times, however this isn’t a led session.
In the dark nights, please visit the Ski lodge to request the lights to be switched on, only between the times noted above.

If you’re new to the club we’d suggest starting with the track sessions on Wednesdays.

Please remember that we don’t have exclusive use of the track so please be courteous to other users, adhere to the club track guidelines which you can find here and ensure you complete your session by 6:30pm.

Meet in the car park above the track at 5:15pm to get warmed up for a 5:30pm start

  • Wednesday Main Club night

If you are new the Wednesday evening training session is the best one to come along to as this is our main training night.
Non-members are welcome to come along and try before you buy. Usually we have over 100 runners turn out and we aim to have:

5 Packs based loosely on your easy/comfortable pace:

    • 7:30-8:00 minute mile (4:40-5:00 minute km)

    • 8:00-8:20 minute mile (5:00-5:10 minute km)

    • 8:20-9:00 minute mile (5:10-5:50 minute km)

    • 9:00-10:30 minute mile (5:35-6:30 minute km)

    • 10:30+ minute mile (6:30+ minute km)

    • Covering distances between 4.5 & 8.5 miles.
      Each session will contain a variety of efforts and are led by a Run Leader.

Meet in The Beacon of Light 6:15pm to start at 6:30pm

  • Wednesday Track Session

This is a track session for everyone and takes place from 6:30 to 7:30. The sessions are different every week and there are plenty of senior runners on hand to help anyone not experienced in track running. If you want to start increasing the speed you run at this is a really good session.
Please remember that we don’t have exclusive use of the track so please be courteous to other users and adhere to the club track guidelines which you can find

Meet at Silksworth track for 6:30 warmed up and ready to go

  • Friday Barnes Run

A weekly run from the Barnes pub, the route changes every week but is approximately 6 miles. There is plenty of re-grouping and people of all abilities are welcome.

Meet in the Barnes Pub Car Park at 6pm ready for a 6:05pm start

  • Sunday

Sunday Barnes Run – meet at the Toby Carvery from 9am for a 1 hour run with regrouping.
Barnes Park – meet in the car park from 9am for a 10k easy group run.

4 Responses

  1. Neil Riley says:

    Hi, I’m interested in joining the group, but can’t find anywhere to sign up. Is it just a case of turning up on a Wednesday?
    Many thanks

    • Anthony Tiernan says:

      Hi Neil
      Yes, just turn up on a Wednesday at Ashbrooke Sports Club – 6:15pm for a 6:30 start.
      There will be plenty of people around to show you where we meet. There will be a short briefing then you can join a pack for the session. Suggested paces are listed above with A being the quickest, but pick a pace you are comfortable with initially then move to different packs in future weeks if you feel the paces are too fast/slow.
      If you aren’t at a stage where you are able to run at those paces, you may want to consider the Beginner’s group that starts next week.
      Look forward to seeing you.

  2. Gary Brown-gale says:

    Hello I have recently watched the montane lakeland100/50 and noticed a Sunderland strollers banner in one of the aid stations. Do you run a course for this run . Thanks

    • Anthony Tiernan says:

      Hi Gary

      Thanks for your post the other day.

      We don’t exactly run a “course”. What we have is a group of runners within the Sunderland Strollers who are interested in Ultrarunning. Any members who want to pursue this crazy form of running are invited to come along on various trips around the country to build their skills and stamina.

      On the run up to the event we normally organise some weekends where hire a minibus and learn the Lakeland 50 and 100 routes. The minibus follows the route, so runners can do as much or as little as they want.

      There are also opportunities for members to organise their own trips (some may work weekends) to the Lakeland routes and do their own thing.

      We have a long history with the Lakeland event and have run Lakeland 100 checkpoint 3 for 10 years. This is probably where you saw the banner on the video, but you will also find many Strollers running the 2 events, over 50 this year I believe including myself, my 6th Lakeland 50.

      Get in touch if you want to be part of the madness!

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