Strollers Lakeland 50 and 100 Kitlist Page




What to take on the trips

There is a set list of things to carry with you on raceday (below) and it is advisable to have these with you on the recces. Firstly because it gets you used to carrying and using the items, and more importantly, it’s all there to keep you safe.

One question that always gets asked is “There’s a lot of stuff there, is it really necessary?”. Don’t be fooled by warm weather and sunny days when you set off for the hills, the conditions can change in an instant. Also, what you experience lower down may be very different to what the conditions are like higher up in the mountains.

The Lakeland COMPULSORY kit is as follows;

  • 1. Waterproof trousers and jacket. Must be fully waterproof with taped seams (wind / showerproof not acceptable). The jacket must have a hood.
  • 2. Spare base layers, long sleeve top and bottoms. These should be sealed in a bag and only used in emergency situations.
  • 3. Hat and gloves.
  • 4. Map and roadbook (supplied at registration) Link here
  • 5. Compass
  • 6. First aid kit.
  • 7. Emergency food (sealed in a bag to be used only in emergencies).
  • 8. Head torch and spare batteries.
  • 9. Whistle.
  • 10. A back pack or similar to carry all the above.
  • 11. Quality off road running shoes (not road shoes).
  • 12. Mobile phone fully charged.
  • 13. Blanket or survival bag.
  • 14. Solid plastic cup for hot drinks or soup, 2nd cup / bottle or flask for cold drinks, a spork (or similar) for eating food at checkpoints.

Also for the recces you will need the following;

  • Dry clothes (to change into at the end)
  • Water or energy drink (to keep hydrated when running)
  • Food and drink (to store in the minibus and use as required)
  • Money (to buy beer at the end)

It’s not rocket science, but sometimes the choice and wide range of options can be a little daunting. Get some advice before you race out and spend a lot of money. There are loads of Strollers that have experience of the race who would be more than happy to give advice and even lend their kit to try out. Ask on the Facebook page, don’t be shy!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s a long way. Do I have to run the whole thing?

The route will be broken down into sections with checkpoints similar to the stages of the race. The minibus will be waiting at the end of each section to provide supplies (water, food, change of clothes, etc). It’s also an option to jump onboard and ride on the minibus for one or more of the sections, it’s up to you how much running you want to do. There’s normally quite a lot of walking involved as well!

  • I get lost in my own bathroom, how will I find my way round?

Like the running, the recces are designed to build up skills and experience over time. If you do the route a couple of times it will be familiar enough that you won’t need to refer to the map or instructions on raceday. On the recces, we stick together as small groups with someone experienced to ensure everyone is safe and on the right track.

  • Do I really need to carry all that stuff?

Yes, two reasons why, it gets you used to carrying the gear you will be required to carry on the day of the race and secondly it is all required for your own safety on the hills.

  • It’s Wintertime, what happens if the weather is bad?

The weather can be extreme in the Lake District, even in the Summer, so the recce will carry on in most conditions. However, if conditions are so bad it puts either the runners or the minibus drivers at risk, an alternative route will be proposed, or the recce postponed until a later date.