Winter Handicap 2021/22

All details of the 2021/22 Winter Handicap series will be placed here; a total of 51 runners took part in the scratch race in October, full results are here. Fastest home was David Wiseman in 18:20; our fastest lady was Rachel Dugan in 23:32. From there estimate times were created for the first race of this season in November with 75 runners now registered to take part. First home (by a country mile) was Wendy Chapman with David Arkley in second and Paula McIntosh in third. Fastest overall was Graham Soady, Rachel Dugan once again fastest lady. Full results and updated estimates for December are here.

Well done to all who participated in Race #2, first home was newcomer Thomas Hoggett, closely followed by Wendy Chapman and Ron Avery. David Wiseman was, once again, fastest overall, Wendy was also fastest lady on the night. After 2 races Wendy leads the standings, Darren Wood in second place and David Arkley third. All of the results and points are here along with the updated estimate times for Race #3 in January.

Race #3 was a select event with only 32 runners, first home was Darren Wood, with Sarah Lake and Bill Kirk picking up the other podium positions. As mentioned before fastest couple of the night were the Pickersgills. Full results are here.

All being well we’ll be running Race #4 on 9 Feb, this will be the last one for the 2021/22 season. Heading into the final race Darren Wood sits at the top of the leaderboard just 14 points ahead of Nicola Maw. David Bishop is second male, David Arkley third. For the ladies Paula McIntosh is second with Kathleen Henderson third. However don’t forget that for those that complete all 4 races you will be dropping your worst score as it’s just 3 to count. See you all in February.

Just 31 runners were out in pretty much ideal conditions for the 4th and final race of this winters handicap. First out and also first back was Ashleigh Lamb who clocked 33:43 against an estimated time of 36:30. Second out was also second back, Kathleen Henderson running 33:34 against an estimate of 36 minutes. Third home was Sarah Lake. Fastest over the distance was, once again, Chris Pickersgill (20:18), fastest lady being Wendy Chapman (23:19).

Our overall leader after 3 races kept his lead and congratulations to Darren Wood. Darren ran 23:51 against an estimate of 24:30. Back in October he ran the scratch race in 30:32 – great improvement. Our top lady. Wendy Chapman was second overall, the other positions as follows:

Men – 1st – Darren Wood     2nd – David Bishop     3rd – Duncan Horn

Ladies – 1st – Wendy Chapman     2nd – Kathleen Henderson     3rd – Nicola Maw

All the results can be found here.