Pier to Pier 2017

Well done to every one taking part in the Pier2Pier today, results can be found here


See you all next year


This Years Pier to Pier race is now sold out.

There will be DEFINITELY no entries on the day



This years Pier to Pier race is at 10am on the 14th of May 2017

You can enter online here.

This is one of the most scenic runs in the north east along the coastline from South Shields to Sunderland following the coastal paths.


The Run starts besides the Pier at South Shields (A bus sevice is available from finish to the start before the race, please choose this with your entry if you require it). After roughly a mile along the sandy beach the race moves to the leas, here you can choose any route apart from the road or footpath down to Souter lighthouse.

Anyone using the road or footpath WILL be disqualified.

At Souter Lighthouse there is a water station and then the race moves to the coastal path down to Sunderland, eventually moving back to the beach for the finish.

The Whole race is approx 7 miles (11k) and starts at 10am.


You can enter the race here

Last year we received a large number of questions in relation to the race so we have created a FAQ which hopefully will answer any questions you may have

  1. Do I have to be a member of a running club to enter
    No anyone is able to enter whether they are affiliated to a running club or not.
  2. Can I enter on the day
    Entries on the day will be available from 8:15am in the car park by the amusement arcade in South Shields. They will cost £25.
  3. Is there a set time I need to be able to run the course in to participate
    The race has a cut off time of 2 hours, the distance is approximately 7 miles. Therefore providing you are faster than around 17 minute miles you’ll be absolutely fine and very welcome. Last years final finisher completed the course in 108 minutes (that’s an average pace of over 15 minute miles).
  4. How do I amend my race entry (change of club or swap my number to someone else)
    Please mail the Club Secretary ClubSecretary@sunderlandstrollers.co.uk. If you wish to transfer your number please send you replacements name replacement, name / DOB / email / UKA number (if applicable) and Club. Note transfers will be allowed until Midnight on 12 May.
  5. Are there any any mementos for this run
    There will be a goodie bag for all finishers. We pride ourselves on providing unusual and innovative goodies and we aim to do the same this year.
  6. Hi can you run to raise money for a charity?
    Yes your more than welcome to run in aid of your chosen charity
  7. Is there any return transport to south Shields after the race.
    No sorry there is only transport from Sunderland to the start before the race
  8. Do we collect our race number on the day or is it posted to us?
    Race numbers will be posted out before the race, for late entries they can be collected on the day, this will be communicated on the website.
  9. What time will the Buses leave Roker
    First bus will leave Roker at 8am, the last at 9:30am
  10. I entered the Pier2pier but haven’t received an email confirmation
    Every entrant should have receive an email, please check your  junk or spam folder.
  11. Is it possible to defer an entry should I be unable to run
    I’m sorry but the policy is no refunds or deferrals, numbers however can be transferred up until Midnight on 12 May.




49 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    Where is the online registration?
    I’m unable to find it that’s all.

  2. Dan Bewick says:

    Is it road going shoes or trail shoes I’d need to wear. Thanks

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Dan

      The course is easily completed in road shoes although some will wear trail. There is a mix of sand, firm tracks, tarmac and gravel paths. Even if it’s very wet (which it rarely is) the underfoot conditions are usually pretty good.

  3. Val B says:

    We walked along the path yesterday, and there is a section near Whitburn (just past the artillery range I think) that was closed off for repair (a section of the cliff was crumbling away very near to the path) – what will happen if this section isn’t repaired in time?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Val

      South Tyneside Council have now set in motion the repairs required to re-open the path, work should be starting early next month and should be finished in time for the race. In the event that repairs are delayed we do have a contingency plan. Thanks for asking.

  4. Kath says:

    I’m waiting to see if Iv got the day of work will entry’s close once it is filled up ? Or can I defiently enter just before?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Kath

      I’m afraid that once we reach our limit (1200) we have to close entries. Depending on known drop outs we may then have some entries on the day but I’m afraid it’s too early to say at this time.

  5. Peter Bennett says:

    Is there a clear route to run? As it sounds like there are multiple paths to take?? Thanks

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Peter

      In places there is a choice of route, across the beach at South Shields you can run any line as long as you remain on the sand. Then after you’re up on The Lees there is again a choice of paths to follow, providing you don’t run along the footpath by the road then you can cross the area using any path. Further down the route there is only one path and these places will be well marshalled and signed.

  6. Graham Kelly says:

    Hi there,

    I have ran a few times and always enjoyed it, however I have never got the bus to the start. Are you required to book a place on the transport in advance of the event or if we arrive for 9am would we be guaranteed a place on a bus to the start line?

    Many thanks, Graham

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Graham

      We prefer people to book a seat on the buses so that we have a good idea of how many seats we need to provide. Clearly if all 400+ ticket holders turned up at 9am we would struggle to get them all to Shields in time for the race start; in the event of there being too many people for the remaining buses then those who pre-booked would get priority. The first bus leaves soon after 8am and we encourage our runners to not leave it until the last minute to travel.

      Harry Harrison
      Race Director

  7. Amanda says:

    Is there a baggage bus from start to finish line?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Amanda

      Yes there is, baggage tags will be provided to help sort the bags at the finish. They will be found at the entrance to Roker Pier.

  8. Amanda says:

    Where will the baggage bus leave from in shields? And at what time?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      The baggage bus will be in the car park at South Shields by the amusement arcade. It will leave after all of the runners have headed for the start which is a 5/10 walk away on the beach.

  9. Gill Tyler says:

    Have any more places become available?

  10. Helen Hardy says:

    I forgot to book my ticket for the bus when I entered, can I do it now or just pay on the day?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Helen

      We have even more buses this year so you should have no problem just paying on the day, just don’t leave it too late as we will have to give priority to those who pre-paid in the event of the buses filling up.

  11. John Gardiner says:

    I have just got my number. Thank you. How does the bus thing work? Does someone have a list of who’s already paid? (This is my way of admitting I can’t recall if I paid 😂)

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi John
      If you paid for the bus on entry you will have received a bus ticket with your race number. You can still pay for the bus on the day but in the event of the last buses being congested then priority will be given to those who pre-booked their bus tickets. I can see from your entry that you did pay for a bus ticket, if there wasn’t one in with your race number please accept my apologies. I’ll arrange for a replacement to be sent out.

      • John Gardiner says:

        Thanks Harry. I’m pretty sure I paid as I wasn’t sure if I had a lift but I don’t know how to check. I haven’t received s ticket. I will bring money anyway and ensure I arrive early enough.

  12. Ben Robinson says:

    What is the postcode to park at the finish and where we get the bus to the start

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Ben

      The postcode SR6 0PP will get you to the right area for where the buses depart prior to the start, this is roughly the same area where the race finishes.

  13. Graham wood says:

    @Pier2pierRace is it likely that any more places will become available. I thought I had applied for the run but when I have checked I haven’t i do the run every year. If anyone drops out I would be happy to pay for a place starught away just let me know. I appreciate this is unlikely but worth a shot anyway. Thanks Graham Wood

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Graham

      I’m afraid I’ve got no more entries to sell. I’m aware that there is already places being offered on Facebook etc so probably worth looking out for one of those. We’ll process change of details up to 5pm on 13 May so there is plenty of time.

  14. Edward clark says:

    Hi. Can I confirm that Olga McCready is entered for Pier to pier 2017? She hasn’t received her number yet and can’t find confirmation email. Thanks

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Edward

      Yes, Olga is entered. Her race number was sent out last week to 95 Terregles, Dumfries, DG2 9DT. Please let me know if the number doesn’t arrive, we have a very limited number of replacement race numbers (all of them have 2 timing chips on which cost us money) and I could make arrangements for Olga to collect a replacement on the day.


  15. Heather Moore says:


    Where is registration? And what is the nearest link by public transport (e.g. metro).


    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Heather, no need to register ahead of the race, simply turn up with your race number pinned on. The nearest Metro station to the start is South Shields, to the finish it’s St Peters.

  16. Femke Nauschutz says:

    I have received my number for race this Sunday, but not my bus ticket, which I thought I booked?
    I am UKA Registered and paid £24 on 24 Febr 2017
    Shall I just bring proof of payment? (as not enough time to send me bus ticket)

  17. Anna Mason says:

    Hi, I did not book a place on the bus but now need one! I know priority goes to those who have booked but thought I’d let you know in case it helps!


  18. Stephen Snowball says:

    When do results get published ?

  19. Danny Dixon says:

    Any pictures of todays race thanks

    • Harry Harrison says:

      The official images are not available yet but there are already quite a few albums appearing on Facebook.

  20. Danny Dixon says:

    Is there a link for race results

  21. Daniel says:

    Hi will there be photos pictures of todays race anywhere?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Daniel

      We didn’t have a formal photographer for the event this year but you may have seen several video cameras and drones. We hope to have that footage soon and will share it on this website.

  22. Hayley says:

    We had a great day today – thank you for all your organisation yet again. But no water at the end? I don’t think that’s acceptable – especially considering the entry fee. I would prefer less in my goody bag to ensure some water. Maybe put them in the goody bags themselves? The mars bar and crisps went down well though! And I will be doing it next year hopefully so only a minor gripe.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Hayley
      Please accept my apologies for the lack of water towards the later stages. Unfortunately we were let down by our main supplier and while we did purchase some more bottles it clearly wasn’t enough. It’s somewhat of a contrast to last year when we had almost 300 bottles left over. We’ll try hard next year to make sure we get the amounts right!
      Glad you enjoyed the race, hope to see you next year. We aim to release the date very soon.

  23. Darren Fucile says:

    Good to meet you today, thanks to all at the strollers for the free places for our charity much appreciated, also the vouchers I gave you have no minimum spend but max is around £850 so if a few of the club want to shop together and split the bill more than welcome. Thanks again.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Thanks Darren, apologies that it has taken me all week to reply, vouchers were handed out to some very grateful Strollers on Wednesday.

  24. George says:

    What is postal code for the finishing line please

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