Beginners Running Group

New year, New you. Sunderland strollers beginners groups starts Tuesday 16th Jan

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  1. Karen Templeton says:

    Hi, was interested in joining your running club but not new to running, have completed a few 10ks but wanted to join beginners with a friend would it still be Ok to come along on the 16th to join?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Karen

      Yes that’s fine although if you’re already running 10K you will find the Beginners very much within your capabilities. Come and support your friend but also think about coming and joining one of our Wednesday sessions (no need to join first) as I think you will get much more from them.


  2. Tracey says:

    Hello there 🙂 would I be able to join from this Tuesday 23rd having missed last week? I come and go from gym to gym but my fitness is pretty bad. This sounds perfect for me! Im asthmatic but controlled with my inhaler, would that be okay? Thanks 🙂

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