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New year, New you. Sunderland strollers beginners groups starts Tuesday 16th Jan

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  1. Karen Templeton says:

    Hi, was interested in joining your running club but not new to running, have completed a few 10ks but wanted to join beginners with a friend would it still be Ok to come along on the 16th to join?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Karen

      Yes that’s fine although if you’re already running 10K you will find the Beginners very much within your capabilities. Come and support your friend but also think about coming and joining one of our Wednesday sessions (no need to join first) as I think you will get much more from them.


  2. Tracey says:

    Hello there 🙂 would I be able to join from this Tuesday 23rd having missed last week? I come and go from gym to gym but my fitness is pretty bad. This sounds perfect for me! Im asthmatic but controlled with my inhaler, would that be okay? Thanks 🙂

  3. Steven Johnson says:

    Hi there,
    I’m a “returning runner” who has done a fairfew 10ks and a half marathon a couple of years ago. The weights gone on and I’m very much back to scratch. I only became aware of you when you all passed me last week. Could I join you tonight?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Steven

      Sounds like you were passed by the Beginners Group which started last Tuesday. This is really for people who have never run or are re-starting from scratch. It sounds like you’ve done the hard work of getting going again. You’d almost certainly be able to cope with our normal Wednesday sessions which meet at Ashbrooke at 7pm each Wednesday. You’re more than welcome to come along and give us a try before deciding whether to join. Ask for me and I’ll be able to explain how everything works.


      • Steven Johnson says:

        Thanks Harry. To be honest I really think the Tuesday sessions are where I’m at. Carrying too much weight and it’s been a couple of years since I’ve managed to do any regular training. I’d be keen to pop along to the beginners and see how I get on if possible?

  4. darren jobe says:

    Hi i would love to join the beginner’s running group this week. How do i actually pay to be a member. Also how long is the session?



    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Darren

      You don’t need to be a member to join the Beginners group, they meet at 6:30pm on a Tuesday at Ashbrooke Sports Club, it costs £1 per session or £10 for the whole course (14 weeks). We do a special membership deal for those who complete the Beginners Course which we’ll tell you about later in the course.


  5. Beth says:

    Hi harry
    When is the next block of beginners running sessions start? Thankyou

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Beth

      The next Beginners Group will not be until January 2019, the arrangements require a lot of commitment from our Club Members and we don’t have the capacity to run more than one Group per year. There are a couple of Run England groups in Sunderland that cater for beginners all year round. They are the Silky Striders who run from the Puma Centre, or the SeafRUNt Smilers who run down at Seaburn. You’ll find all of their details on the Run England website, they also both have very active Facebook groups.


  6. Andrea Archibald says:

    Hi do you still do the beginners running or am I too late?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Andrea

      I’m afraid that the Beginners Group has stopped taking any new members now, they’re up to 6 weeks and are working well as a group. If you’re a complete beginner then I’d recommend getting in touch with either the Silky Striders or Sea Front Smilers who are 2 groups which take beginners all year round. If you are already running and can cover 4/5 miles (doesn’t really matter what pace) then you could come and try the main Club sessions which head out from Ashbrooke Sports Club at 7pm every Wednesday.


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