Road to Rio Point to Point – 14 Aug

Ok Run to Rio Point 2 Point. Keep it pretty simple:

1. Teams of three. Join as a team (preferred) or as individuals and I will team you up.
2. Handicapped start from the club approx. 9:30 – 10:00am on the morning of the 14th. (Based on slowest 10k time in team)
3. Leg it around and complete a series of ‘tasks’. (one person will need a mobile with a camera)
4. First team back with all tasks complete wins a gid big trophy. (A few spot prizes on offer once i squeeze some cash out of HH)
5. The combined distance ran by the team must be exactly 26.2 miles. Does not have to be equal miles per team member. Time penalty for each 0.1m away from target will be 10 mins. Given this each team member must have a garmin / similar watch.
6. Cost for entry is …. you guessed it £26.20 per team.

Rio / Olympics themed obviously so fancy dress is a must. Party afterwards, watch the race with some food and the odd light ale.
At this moment in time I don’t need any cash paying – I just need to gauge interest and we can take it from there. In reality it needs 15-20 teams to make it worthwhile so lets see who is up for it and hopefully make it a fun day. Doesn’t have to be just strollers – everyone welcome.

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