Winter Handicap 2016-2017

Winter Handicap 2016-2017

Here are the start times for the first running of the Winter Handicap 2016/17.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you know your start time and are ready to run.  Weather permitting each race will be on the second Wednesday of each month (Oct / Nov / Dec / Jan / Feb / Mar).

You need your chip, ideally strapped to your running shoe, definitely NOT in your back pocket.  If you haven’t got a chip yet or cannot find it by next week we will have them for sale at £5.

First runner across the line gets 200 points, 2nd gets 199 etc etc.

There are prizes for the first 3 ladies and men each month along with fastest female and male.

Also a TEAM COMPETITION – all teams must contain at least one female, prize for the best team name.


Results from first running are here: winter-handicap-2016-17-1-finish-positions

Results from the second running are here: winter-handicap-2016-17-2-finish-positions

Results from the third running are here:Winter Handicap 2016-17 #3 Finish Positions REVISED

Results from the fourth running are here: Winter Handicap 2016-17 #4 Finish Positions

Start times for last running are here: Winter Handicap 2016-17 – Start Times #6

Finish times for sixth (and final) running Winter Handicap 2016-17 #6 Finish Positions

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