Guess Your Time 5 Miles Route

Here is the route for the Guess Your Time 5 Miles on 19 Apr.

The arrangements are simple; you provide your estimated time to cover the course to Harry.  Starting at 7:30pm you then run the course without any form of timing device (watch, phone, sundial etc).  Using the chip timing system your time is recorded and then compared to your estimate.  The person who is closest to their estimate (either faster or slower) is the winner and takes maximum championship points.

Please email your estimated time to or send Harry a PM on Facebook, don’t just tell him face-to-face because he’ll forget!  If you don’t have a timing chip then cross his palm with £5 and a shiny chip will be yours.

The route is here:


It will be fully marshaled on the night providing sufficient non-runners volunteer to help.

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