Stroller Stars lit Dark Skies!

The weekend kicked off with Stroller pacers at Sunderland parkrun where a record-breaking 252 runners enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. Hopefully no one was devastated when the 31 minute pacer did his sums wrong and had to run hell for leather up the last bank at super speedy pace – I expect his wife, who missed her PB by seconds, dealt with him!

Saturday evening saw a group of Strollers head to Kielder for the most amazing Dark Skies 26:5, a beautiful run organised by Trail Outlaws. After the horrendous wind and rain of last March, this year’s event was in comparatively tropical conditions with clear skies allowing the stars to light the way. John Cook ran his way to third place in an amazing time of  3:17:41 – excellent running!

Sunday was the second Trail Outlaw event, a 14m ‘half’, again in Dark Skies on another balmy evening.  All of our runners, from both races, have agreed that it was a truly great race, well organised and in a setting of outstanding magnificence.

Strollers at Dark Skies

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