Time to dig out the cross country spikes!

The Harrier League cross country season begins on Saturday 30th September at Wrekenton and we’ll shortly be registering Strollers ahead of the first fixture.

For any of the ladies who want to run, please contact Sue Tate at ladiescaptain@sunderlandstrollers.co.uk and the men can contact Michael Dixon at menscaptain@sunderlandstrollers.co.uk.  You can also reach both on the Strollers Facebook page.

Harrier League Fixtures for this season are:

  • Saturday 30th September: Wrekenton
  • Sunday 8th October: Druridge Bay
  • Saturday 18th November: Aykley Heads, Durham
  • Saturday 6th January: Herrington Park
  • Saturday 10th February: Thornley Hall Farm
  • Saturday 3rd March: Alnwick

Other fixtures:

  • Saturday 28th October: Sherman Cup, Temple Park
  • Saturday 9th December: Northeasterns, Redcar

If you’re new to Cross Country…..

Do I need XC spikes?

Yes.  Sometimes in the early fixtures the ground is dry enough to run in trail shoes, but come the winter and spring you will usually need spikes.  If you’re new to XC, you’ll also need spike pins (the actual spikes that screw into the shoes) and a spike tool.  You can usually pick all of these up at a specialist running store.

What time and how far is it?

For Harrier League fixtures the women’s race generally starts around 1.15pm and it’s two laps, totalling four miles.  The men run around 2.15pm and run three laps, totalling 6 miles.  The Northeasterns are longer, closer to 6 miles for women and 8 miles for men.

Getting there

Strollers often share lifts to cross country and for some of the further fixtures like Alnwick, there is usually a bus option.  We have a large tent at each fixture so you can get changed.  Bring warm clothes to get changed into afterwards.

Do I have to run every fixture?

No, you don’t, just run whichever fixtures you can.  Once you’re registered for the season, your entry covers you for all of the fixtures and you keep the same number throughout.

What pack do I run in?

All new runners start in the slow pack.  If you happen to finish in the top 10% of the field, you’ll be promoted to the medium pack.  A handicap system applies, so medium pack runners set off after the slow pack. If you start in the medium pack and finish in the top 10% you are promoted to the fast pack.  If you spend a whole season in either the fast or medium pack, you’ll be demoted a pack from the start of the next season.

If you need to check which pack you’re in, visit the Harrier League website and checking the Runner Info section.

What happens if I lose my number?

The club will pay for your initial registration each season, but if you lose your number it’s £5 for a replacement.

Where can I find more information?

The Harrier League website is www.harrierleague.com where the fixture and runner information will be updated.  If you’re on Facebook, there is also a Start Fitness Harrier League group which is useful to join.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions about cross country please email menscaptain@sunderlandstrollers.co.uk

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