Team Work and the Town Moor.

The last couple of weekends have been about team work – Aykley Heads XC and Norman Woodcock Relays. One of the tougher XC routes yet some brave souls turned out with this one as their first. If they can cope with those hills they’ll sail others – though the mud was not in as much abundance as good cross country courses need. Counters for the ladies were Jenna, Hasina, Michelle H and Bev. The men had Andy Duke, Andrew F, Dan, Luke McC, Chris D and auld Ken.

This weekend, the Relays were shorter and firmer. The A team finished 11th. Fastest Stroller was Callum Thom with Jenna Maynard fastest Strollete – class running!

A cold and windy Town Moor was visited by a bunch of Strollers with runners in both the full and the half. Jen was First Lady with a very determined performance.


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