Central Park and Lanzarote provided this week’s international locations for our Strollers abroad. Ritchie Gerry was first Stroller (heehee) and 11th V50 in a rather competitive field. His prize was a bagel which was ace!

Lanzarote was the destination for a larger group who had a lovely warm and sunny run. Jill Sardine and Brian took on the full marathon – 3:36 from Brian – while Gary, Michael, Lesley, Phil, Jim, Jill and Alyson ran the half and Stephen and Dennis the 10k.Those of us in freezing temperatures are not jealous, not one jot!

Back in freezing temperatures, a couple of hardy lads headed to Redcar XC. Although no photographers were present we did have some fast lads running – their running is ace but tent packing skills less so!

Elizabeth Hayden and Tracey Jayne Ross embraced the frost by donning festive attire and taking part in a Santa run. Good on you ladies!

Another bunch headed to the NYM for a bit of hearty fun. Boggle Hole, home of the pirates, was the start and finish of a brilliant 25 ish route. Pirates placed curses; Bev broke her wrist, Ant wrecked his knee, one car was in a bump, another limped home at snail pace – in fact, only three teams finished. But did it stop Strollers having fun? No! FGT and Col, favourites from the start, were first team finished and the winners of an awesome trophy. This was the inaugaral year but a gem of a run to keep an eye out for next year.

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