Penshaw Running

It was Loftus Pultry Run at the weekend. Once  a hugely popular Stroller run – it used to be the final championship race – it was still supported by Derek and Dawn. Dressed in their Christmas attire, they did get caught by paparazzi but I can’t hunt down the photo. Anyone fancying a well organised and fun race, with turkey prizes, would do well to get this in the diary for next year.

It’s been a year, just over, since Darren Barnes added a Penshaw run to the Stroller calendar. At 9:00am on a Saturday you too can join in the fun. Dusty is an experienced ultra runner and is happy to show old and new runners the delights of Penshaw trails. No one is left behind and distances vary. On Saturday, a canny group celebrated the first year of this run and, to top it off, ran under blue skies and sunshine. Here’s to another year of this wonderful addition to the Stroller runs.


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