Newsletter – 19 Feb

News Time – 19 Feb

Winter Handicap – there is a delay getting the results of last week’s handicap sorted, apologies but hopefully the technical experts can get it resolved this week.

Championship – the new championship table is now available on the website, as more results accumulate there will be more options added.

Pier to Pier – I’m looking for a couple of volunteers to do some data manipulation within the entry system, it’s quite straightforward but time consuming. If you can spare an hour or so in front of your PC then please get in touch with me.

Pack Leading – We’re always looking for new pack leaders for Wednesday evening. The more we have then the less frequently it comes around. It’s very simple and Bill will always provide you with route notes and details of the session, you just need a watch and either a loud voice or a whistle. It’s not compulsory but there is a course, the English Athletics Leader in Running Fitness. Check out the English Athletics website for more details, basically participants pay for their own course, once completed, and assuming that you’re leading packs, then the Club will refund you the cost of your course. If you want more information speak to either me, Bill or Lee Corbett.

RiPL Discount – RiPL Sports are offering a 35% discount on their kit at using the discount code RIPL35. You also get the chance to nominate someone you know to get a free item from their range.

HMS Venerable – those who watched Sea City Sunderland on BBC2 last week will have seen the re-enactment of HMS Venerable performed by the Sunderland Maritime Heritage Group in Mowbray Park. They have launched a campaign to copper bottom the hull from the keep to the waterline and are selling nameplates to raise funds. Go to for more information.

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