Newsletter – 22 Mar

Newsletter – 22 Mar

Roker Beach Tidy – As many will have seen the beach at Roker took a bit of a pounding during the recent bad weather and quite a bit of debris has been washed ashore. The Sunderland Community Action Group is organising a tidy up this Saturday (24th Mar) 12-2pm (Not 2-4pm as stated in the Echo). Obviously the state of the beach is important to us as over 1300 finishers of the Pier to Pier will be there in May. If people can spare some time to lend a hand it would be much appreciated, no equipment necessary apart from elbow grease!

Subscriptions – There are still around 75 people who were Strollers last year and have yet to renew for 2018 or advised that they will be leaving the Club. If you wish to remain a member please pay your subs IMMEDIATELY. Either pay cash/cheque to myself or Gary OR online to 09-01-29 05585618 (Santander) plus send an email to Subscriptions for 2018 remain at £25.

Winter Handicap #5 Results -  These will go online shortly; Ashleigh O’Neill was first lady home at the last running of the Winter Handicap followed by Zoe Jameson & Liz Hayden. Adam Taylor was first male home with Gary Hargrave and Terry Topping close behind. Fastest man on the night was Liam Crosby, fastest lady was Sarah McKenna.

Winter Handicap Overall Results – Overall we saw a female domination with 4 ladies in the top 5 overall. Out on top was Sarah McKenna, runner up was Deborah Appleby with Lynn Dickinson in 3rd place. Top man was Terry Topping followed by John Wilson and Ron Avery. Our top team was the Three Unwise Men (Terry Topping, Rob Ayre & Andrew Bell). Trophies will be presented at the Club AGM in May. A total of 146 runners took part in this winters handicap which is a healthy 49% increase over last year, well done to everyone who ran, see you all again in October.

Emergency Contact Details – Your Committee was recently discussing the issue of emergency contact details should something unfortunate happen to a Club member during a session. The Club does not maintain a database of contact details (and is not planning to construct one) as it presents a major administrative task and represents alsorts of challenges with the incoming new data protection legislation. We DO ENCOURAGE you all to consider carrying details of your ICE (In Case of Emergency) details when you are running, either alone or with the Club. There are a range of different tags, wristbands etc that can be purchased (for those who run parkrun you can get a wrist band which not only holds your barcode but also your ICE details). For those who run with a phone search online for the instructions to display ICE details on your ‘lock’ screen. Hopefully the information will never be needed…….

Guess Your Time 5 Mile – 18 Apr – The GYT5M will be on 18 Apr, for those new to the Club here’s how it works. In advance of the day you tell me what time you think you will run the 5 miles (course details are here). Starting at 7pm you then run the course without wearing any form of timing device. The chip timing system records your time. The person who is closest to their predicted time wins 200 Club Championship points plus a small prize. I need your run time predictions NOW please. Send them to OR via Facebook Messenger OR tell me but only when I have pen and paper to hand!!

Pier to Pier Chief Marshal – The Chief Marshal organises the placement of the volunteer marshals along the route of the race, ensures that they are all able to alert the first aid teams etc in the event of an incident and ensures that the race takes place safely. A volunteer is required for this important role, it’s very simple NO CHIEF MARSHAL = NO RACE. If anyone is interested in this role please get in touch with me ASAP.

Lakeland 100 Check Point Team – We’ve had a drop out from the Lakeland 100 Check Point team for Friday 27 July. This involves providing support to the 400+ participants of the Lakeland 100 race, if anyone is interested in joining the team then get in touch.

Disney – Dawn Elliott is organising a Christmas Trip to Disneyland Paris (14-17 Nov), anyone interested should contact Dawn at

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