Putting the Hard into Hardmoors!

Last weekend’s big news was the HM55. It made the telly news, the radio, local press, social media and was the talk of the town! We had a band of hardy Strollers who set off on this adventure and hats off to them all!

Pete Sissons, Dan Anderson and Luke Kennedy completed the course, not even missing out Roseberry Topping – huge congratulations boys! Pete was first Stroller and 19th overall, absolutely class running! ( and Dan put his windproof jacket on, so it must’ve been cold). The race was stopped at Kildale so our lovely Jill Sardine, Joanne Feneick, FGT and Crazy Ant were held, unable to complete. Blooming marvellous getting that far in those conditions. The lot of you had most of us glued to the trackers and we are so happy you all stayed safe and well!


Mick Armstrong had his own epic adventure on his return from the Lakes. Making a comeback from injury, a Michael ran one of the Lakrlsnd Trails; great to see him back out there. However, his drive home was ‘interesting’ and left him stranded on the A66 for several hours. He tooarrived home safe and well though!

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