Commonwealth and Boston; Strollers Around the World.

Another busy week but surely we must begin in Australia where Aly Dixon took her well earned place on the start line for the Commonwealth Games. In spite of the ridiculously high temperatures, Aly did us all proud once again and completed the marathon to finish in a magnificent 6th place. Blooming marvelous running and firmly putting Sunderland and the Strollers up on the international stage  again.

The Dixon clan was there to support Alyson and Dave also did his part to represent Sunderland in the Broadbeach Waters parkrun.

Boston Marathon was the next international venue for Strollers. Jen Deighton, Ritchie Gerry and Andrew Forbes slogged their way round a brutally cold and wet route and all three deserve massive credit. Well done to you all; to see the elite in waterproofs and sleeves, been blown about, made us lot at home see how tough it was.

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