Strollers Do Hadrian’s Wall


Starting at 10pm on Friday 14th September Sunderland Strollers will be running a continuous relay along the length of Hadrian’s Wall. The distance of 84 miles will be split into 8 sections of between 9 and 13 miles and finished with a final 3.5 mile leg. We aim to finish around 4pm (weather and running speed dependant) on Saturday 15th September. It would be great to see as many people as possible running the final 3.5 Miles.

Details of the 9 legs are as follows, Stuart has produced distances, elevations and anticipated timings.

Leg 1            Leg 2             Leg 3             Leg 4              Leg 5            Leg 6             Leg 7                Leg 8                Leg 9               Information Sheet

Starting at Bowness-on-Solway the route stretches from coast to coast, finishing at Segedunum in Wallsend.


We now need Strollers to step up to take part in this challenge, Stuart Percival has kindly agreed to coordinate the runners and will be providing guidance on the terrain and elevation of each leg, bearing in mind the initial hours will be low light/darkness, some experience of night running plus the right kit will be required for the early legs. However, once we are able to enjoy some daylight we will ensure that legs are run at an achievable pace to enable as many people as possible to participate. Details of the legs and route will be available here very soon.

The Club has reserved 3 minibuses to ferry runners to and from the beginning and end of their respective ‘legs’ and Tricia O’Neill will be putting together a comprehensive feeding package to ensure everyone is fully fuelled.

Afterwards there will be a celebration back at Ashbrooke Sports Club.

So, mark the dates in your calendar and start letting Stuart know that you’re available to take part in this great challenge.


Had a chance to work through all of the messages and comments and plug them all into a matrix (attached). I’ve tried to meet most peoples requests, have a look and let me know what you think.
My initial plan is that 2 buses will head for the start, loaded with everyone who is planning to run any of Legs 1-4, the buses can then leap frog down the route as required to meet the runners at each changeover point. After Leg 3 (0315) there are a few who want to head home, this can be achieved by Bus Two while Bus One stays with the runners. Bus 3 heads out from Sunderland with those who want to run Legs 5/6/7 (they would need to be leaving Sunderland around 0330 to get to Walltown Crags by 0500). Then Bus Two can collect people from Sunderland (0930) who want to run Legs 7/8 to get them to Errington Arms for their start at 1050. Those who only wish to run Leg 9 will be asked to make their own way to the start point for 1525 (we can use social media to update if we’re massively ahead or behind schedule). Then all 3 buses go to the finish and we ferry everyone home.
Those who’ve said that they want to run as much as possible can obviously stop wherever required and hop aboard a bus. I think we have enough drivers to cover and I gather Lee Corbett should be qualified by September.
Thoughts and can you see any major flaws? I know some haven’t specified which leg they want to run but that will probably change when they see who’s doing each leg as they’ll go with their friends. If we end up with more than can be fitted into the buses then we’ll have to start asking people to share cars, some may, for their own convenience, chose to do that anyhow.

Outline plan is here.

Updated plan is here

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