Welsh Tony: one epic journey!

On January 1st this year, Anthony Wilton set out on a quest to run every day for many a long day. Now, those of you familiar with RED will know that many folk decide to partake in this tomfoolery but many just shuffle a ‘BM’ – one slow mile – for many of these days. Not so Anth! He has increased his mileage by .1 of a mile each day. Today is 33.1 miles. But this gruelling task is all for a great cause.

Jack and Holly, Anth’s step children, sadly lost their dad quite recently to bowel cancer and Anth decided to do something to make a positive impact in the fight against this horrible illness. Hence his plan to embark on this challenge.

On Saturday, Anth will end his running streak by taking part in the Stroller’s Urban Ultra. With lots of support along the way, this will hopefully be easier, both mentally and physically, than some of his running.

If you’ve ever run a marathon, consider your preparation. Would you like to do it at the start or end of your working day? Would you consider doing back to back marathons? Few would answer yes, yet Anth has done this day in, day out, for such a long time. So come on guys, get behind this daft Welsh lad; get out on Saturday to pat his back or get on his Just Giving page.


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