Pier to Pier 2022

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Finally after 2 cancelled races the 2022 Pier to Pier Race will take place on 15 May, starting at 10am. All entries have been sold, you can check if you’ve got an entry here.

For those who have missed their dose of Pier to Pier action, we’ve put together a little video which will hopefully tide (see what I did there) you over until May, go here to view the video, there’s also some great footage from a few years back with music courtesy of ‘Big Derek’.

We’re pleased to announce the race is once again sponsored by PGS Law who are a leading full service law firm in South Shields, providing expert legal advice to private and business clients. We’re looking forward to seeing plenty of their team joining us on the day. We welcome the involvement of local businesses in supporting our event, if you would like to get involved please contact the Race Director.

This is one of the most scenic runs in the north east along the coastline from South Shields to Sunderland following the coastal paths.

The Run starts besides the Pier at South Shields (A bus sevice is available from finish to the start before the race, the first bus will depart at 8am, the last one at approximately 9:30am – If you didn’t pre-purchase your bus ticket when entering you can still use the bus, simply bring £2 and join the queue). After roughly a mile along the sandy beach the race moves to The Leas, here you can choose any route apart from the road or footpath down to Souter Lighthouse. Ahead of the lighthouse the course will be diverted to avoid the holes in the cliff, please follow the instructions of the marshals.

Anyone using the road or footpath apart from where directed by a race marshal, WILL be disqualified.

At Souter Lighthouse there is a water station and then the race moves to the coastal path down to Sunderland, eventually moving back on to the beach for the finish.

The race is approx 7 miles (11k) and starts at 10am.

In accordance with UK Athletics rules the use of headphones (with the exception of bone-conducting devices) is NOT PERMITTED






Over the years we have received a large number of questions in relation to the race so we have created a FAQ which hopefully will answer any questions you may have

  1. Do I have to be a member of a running club to enter?
    No anyone is able to enter whether they are affiliated to a running club or not.
  2. Can I enter on the day?
    There will be NO entries on the day.
  3. Is there a set time I need to be able to run the course in to participate
    The race has a cut off time of 2 hours, the distance is approximately 7 miles. Therefore providing you are faster than around 17 minute miles you’ll be absolutely fine and very welcome. Last years final finisher completed the course in 108 minutes (that’s an average pace of over 15 minute miles).
  4. Is there water on the course? Water is available at approximately half way (just past Souter Lighthouse) and will also be available when you leave the beach after the finish.
  5. How do I amend my race entry (change of club or swap my number to someone else)
    Please email the Race Director at Pier2Pier@sunderlandstrollers.co.uk. If you wish to transfer your number please send your name, your replacements name / DOB / email / UKA number (if applicable), Club plus mobile phone number and t-shirt size. Note transfers will be allowed until 12PM on 14 May provided full details have been received. Any competitor found running with a Race Number that is not assigned to their name will be disqualified, removed from the results and not permitted to enter the race in the future.
  6. Are there any any mementos for this run
    There will be a goodie bag for all finishers, this will contain various items plus a Mars Bar & bag of crisps. We pride ourselves on providing unusual and innovative goodies and we aim to do the same this year.
  7. Hi can you run to raise money for a charity?
    Yes your more than welcome to run in aid of your chosen charity
  8. Is there any return transport to south Shields after the race.
    No sorry there is only transport from Sunderland to the start before the race
  9. Do we collect our race number on the day or is it posted to us?
    Race numbers will be posted out before the race, for late entries they can be collected on the day, this will be communicated on the website and Facebook Event Page. If you have moved house since entering (some entries date back to November 2019) please let us know, replacement numbers cost us money and are time-consuming to organise.
  10. What time will the Buses leave Roker
    First bus will leave Roker at 8am, the last at 9:30am
  11. I entered the Pier2Pier but haven’t received an email confirmation
    Every entrant should have receive an email, please check your  junk or spam folder.
  12. Is it possible to defer an entry should I be unable to run
    Sorry but the policy is no refunds or deferrals, numbers however can be transferred up until 12PM on 14 May.

78 Responses

  1. Jean Bradley says:

    I have tried 6 times to enter. Re tried tonight again twice and it just times me out when it comes to payment. Is anyone else having any problem?

  2. Higgins says:

    I have sent a FB message to the race director with regards to payment.
    I have concerns about the payment page.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Have checked all of the payment arrangements, no concerns but due to the site being hosted in Germany it can offer some unusual options.

      Harry Harrison
      Pier to Pier Race Director

  3. Kim Matthews says:

    I have had a problem with registering. I get right processing payment, then nothing!

    • Harry Harrison says:

      I’m afraid that the problem must be at your end as the website is working fine and taking new entries all the time. It may be that your anti-virus software is not liking that the website is Germany based, others have also experienced problems trying to register from work computers (NHS, HMRC etc) rather than from home.

  4. Euan says:

    Is there any age restrictions on this event

  5. Jon Borley says:

    Is this event sold out?

  6. Lewis says:

    Will there be a release of any more tickets? Was really hoping to do this and didn’t think it would sell out so soon.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Lewis

      I’m afraid there will be no more entries released, our total numbers are capped by English Athletics. If you can find someone who has an entry but can no longer run we will process transfer entries up to the day before.


  7. Uma Nath says:


    Is there a standard sponsorship form to use if I want to run the pier to pier this year, for charity. Or can I use any standard form to collect for the charity of my choice. I am already a registered entrant. thank you. Uma Nath

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Uma

      There is no standard form, if you wish to raise money for charity by completing the Pier to Pier that is great, use any means that you can to raise monies – good luck

  8. Jackie Johnson says:

    Do you have a waiting list for any further places that may become available?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Jackie

      No, we are not operating a waiting list as people don’t generally return their entries, they find another runner to take over their place. We ask that they let us know the details so that we can update the database.


  9. Damien says:

    When the race numbers are posted out do you also get confirmation of your bus reservation?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Damien
      Yes, those who paid for their bus ticket on entry will have their ticket stuck to their race number. Don’t worry if you didn’t buy a ticket on entry, just bring £2 with you on the day. We have more buses than ever before this year so there should be plenty of room for everyone, first bus leaves at 8am.


  10. Susan Scott says:

    Can we still book the bus from Sunderland to South Shields before the race starts? We did not request this with our entry and are wondering if we can still arrange it now?
    Thanks a lot, Susan

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Susan
      No need to book, there will be plenty of space as we’ve added an extra bus this year. Just turn up at Roker from 8am with £2 and we’ll have you up at South Shields ready for the start.

  11. Janet Scott says:

    Thank you very much 4 today this is the third time i have done this race and have enjoyed it again atmosphere was brilliant and first time i have ran more than 3 miles without music. The goody bags are always amazing. See u all next year.

  12. Bill McGuirk says:

    Hi Harry, where can I access the results? Cheers, BillMcGuirk

  13. Jeff Emmerson says:

    When will entries open in November 2018 for 2019 Pier to Pier?

  14. Kelly Stewart says:

    hi when is the 2019 pier to pier out?

  15. les williamson says:

    When is the P2P entry to open

  16. Stephen says:

    I don’t think I booked the bus to get to the start, when I booked my entry.
    Is it still possible to book the bus?
    Many thanks,

  17. ian says:

    Is there a postcode I can use for a park at Roker and do places on the bus need to be booked
    If so could I book a place

    Many thanks

  18. ian batey says:

    Hi – Do I need to book a place on the bus

    Many thanks

  19. Ricky Davidson says:

    Is it possible to pay for the bus from the finish to the start after entry has already been made? Many Thanks Ricky Davidson

  20. Matt Walker says:

    Hi, do you know when race numbers are being posted out? Thanks 🙂

  21. Michael Sybenga says:

    Hi, I am looking to transfer my number to another runner with South Shields Harriers. I have emailed the address above (as per point 4 above), but Microsoft has said the email address is not valid, so the message is undelivered.
    Is there another way to contact the Strollers Secretary to transfer my number?
    Thank you

  22. les williamson says:

    Is it too late to transfer entries ?

  23. Steve brown says:

    Can we still book transfer to shields please ?

  24. Callum Greig says:

    Hi there, I’ve signed up for the race and paid for it. but I’ve moved house and I cannot find my number, I’ve searched high and low but no luck. Just wondering if you could help me, I’d pay for another one I know it’s past the cut off though. Cheers

  25. Allan Oliver says:

    Hi, I put my entry in on the 3rd May. Will I just collect my race number on the day? Or will it posted still. Thanks in advance.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Allan

      Your Race Number will be available at the Baggage Van at South Shields on Sunday.



    Good evening I have not received my number yet. Can you advise me if there could be a problem and it is lost in the post
    Thank You Christina Walker

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Christina

      Your Race Number was posted to 3 Gorse Avenue towards the end of last week and should hopefully arrive before the weekend. If it doesn’t then we’ll be able to sort you out with a replacement.

      Race Director

      • CHRISTINA WALKER says:

        There has been a typo its 30 not 3 this is a vacant property so no chance of getting the number. How can I get a replacement please
        Thanks Christina

        • Harry Harrison says:

          Hi Christina

          The error I’m afraid is entirely yours as the details are exactly as you entered when making the entry, the same database is used to produce the address labels when we send out the race packs. Exceptionally I will reassign you to Race Number 1402. This will be available for collection at South Shields on Sunday morning. The collection point will be beside the Baggage Van.


  27. David Williams says:

    Hi Harry,
    I registered for the P2P race on March 11th, and paid for the race and bus.
    I have not received a number by post – last delivery was today 16th. Has my number been sent out but gone astray? Should I collect from somewhere?


    thanks so much

  29. Nick Hughes says:

    Hi Harry,
    I haven’t received my race number (852). Can you please check it has been sent out & if I can collect on Sunday if not/or it does not arrive.
    Many thanks, Nick

  30. Steve Irish says:

    Hi, got my race number and bus ticket so thank you for organising. Quick question – what time do you recommend being at Roker for the bus and what time is the last bus? Cheers

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Steve

      Please try and get the earliest bus you can as it avoids us having to delay the race start if everyone tries to get the last one (we don’t have a bus that can take 200 runners!!).


  31. Kate Mukungu says:

    I know it is really close to the cut off for transfers but I have a place I can’t use. I’m flat out with a migraine. If anyone who wants a place who can shout out quickly happy to arrange a transfer.

  32. Rachel says:


    Does anyone know of anyone who was taking photos of the event? And where I can view them 🙂 thanks

  33. Alice Jordan says:

    I have tried to register twice but after entering my credit card details to pay the screen just goes blank once submit payment is clicked. Is this just a temporary glitch or have I just registered myself twice?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Alice
      Not quite sure why you’ve had an error, you’re registered once with Race Number 399.

      Harry Harrison
      Race Director

  34. Dan says:

    Is there a medal for finishers of the 2020 race?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      As with previous years all finishers will receive a handmade glass motif along with a goodie bag, chocolate bar and bag of crisps.


  35. M Barker says:

    Is there any plans to cancel the event with ongoing Coronavirus situation?

  36. Les Williamson says:

    Any plans for 2022?

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