Covid-19 Risk assessment – Sunderland Strollers

We are all keen to take advantage of the easing of certain lockdown rules and current guidance, but you must remember that as a Club we are governed by, and subject to the rules of English Athletics (EA) , one of those rules is that we carry out out a Risk Assessment of our current situation, to that end, our Covid-19 co-ordinator ( Ken Maynard) has carried out the attached Risk Assessment.  I urge you all to read stand take heed of the advice therein.  Having members heed this advice will help us to get back to a more normal Club existence as soon as possible.  Thank you.


This risk assessment has been carried out specifically to help ensure a safe return to club runs and training during the COVID-19 pandemic and must be regularly reviewed and updated in line with government guidance and/or advice from EA.

This is to be used in conjunction with club plan and current guidelines from government and EA.

Latest update (7th July 2020) EA advises to adhere to 2 metre guidance and maximum of 6 in a group

the document can be found Here



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