Resumption of Club Activities

Your Committee is well aware that many of you are keen to resume training and running with your Club mates. We have waited until the appropriate guidance makes it possible to achieve this safely and accommodating everyone. We are a large Club which makes things more complex and is the reason why some other Clubs have resumed activities already. Your Committee is working hard to interpret the latest English Athletics guidance and we have plans in place to launch a resumption of activities from 3 Sep, this will include the regular Club runs advertised on the website.

The success of these activities rely massively on your co-operation, these are unusual times and some of the requirements are contra to our usual relaxed approach; however, they are essential if we are to resume activities safely and inclusively. Please do not try to short cut the arrangements or cause problems as this will inevitably impact on everyone else. Be tolerant and grateful that we are in a position to resume and enjoy the opportunity to run, once again, with your fellow Strollers.

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