2024 Championship

Club Championship for 2024

This years Championship details are as follows:

Open from Sat Jan 6th up to and including Sun 8th Dec.

  • 5k
  • 10k
  • Half marathon
  • Full marathon
(4 Races)

  • Silksworth Parkrun – No other Parkrun will be considered.
  • South Shields Monthly Mile – No other mile races will be considered.
(2 Races)

  • Club Guess Your Time race – Wed 10th April
  • Woody’s 5k – Wed 12th June
  • Club 3k TT – Wed 13th 20th 27th Nov

( 3 Races)

6 Awayday races spread throughout the year, both midweek and weekends.
  1. The Cockfield 7km trail race https://www.durhamfellrunners.org/cockfield-chase/ Thurs 25th April
  2. Newburn River Run 6 miles https://elswickharriers.org.uk/newburn-river-run/  Weds 19th June
  3. Tynedale Pie ‘n Peas 10km https://tynedaleharriers.com/our-races/tynedale-10km/ Weds 3rd July
  4. Watergate 5km https://www.lowfellrunningclub.co.uk/pages/our-races-1/watergate-5km-race  Thurs 22nd August
  5. Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile https://www.borderharriers.co.uk/road-race Sun 17th November (Entries open soon)
  6. Urban Ultra Sat 9th Nov

For this race there are two options.

    • Run the whole race- full points awarded
    • Run as part of a pair, doing the half option. The points awarded will be based as per normal scoring procedure for away day races, i.e.  Strollers finishing position but with a reduction of 10 points for each individual.

e.g. If the pair were to finish 10th Stroller overall they would normally be awarded 240 points, however as they had run as a pair and each completed only half the distance, they would be deducted 10 points so both would score 230 points.

Should any of these races not take place other races will be selected to replace them.

In a change to previous years, the Club Committee has agreed that only a maximum of three away day races can count to an individual’s overall six counting races.

An individual will still be able to compete in all six races however only their three highest scores will count.

Minimum of 6 races of the available 15 races must be completed in order to count for the championship.

Divisions will be set at the end of May.

Go to the Championship Scoring page for a brief summary of how the scoring method works.

Any questions please ask Ritchie Gerry

All Strollers will be included in the Championship, unless you tell us you don’t want to be.
Please remember to wear your Strollers Vest / T-shirt when competing in any of these races.