Sunderland Strollers Urban Ultra 2018


UPDATE – Congratulations to all who completed the 2018 Sunderland Strollers Urban Ultra. The new (mainly) Northern Course seems to have gone down well, which is great. Bigger congratulations to all of our winners, especially those who took away silverware from their very first race over an ultra marathon distance. The full results are here. There were quite a few pictures taken, many went onto the Strollers Facebook page which, if you’re not a Club Member, you won’t be able to see. However, I’ve asked the various photographers to copy them to the Urban Ultra Facebook Page so that everyone can share and enjoy.

We hope to see you all back again in 2019, pencil the first weekend in November into your diaries now. Now we have a choice of routes we may work to come up with something special for those who fancy an even greater challenge, the Urban Ultra Ultra anyone?

PS – I have a pair of Regatta waterproof trousers that were left behind, contact me using the comments box below if they are yours.

The Sunderland Strollers Urban Ultra 2018 will be a 37/40 mile race (or 2-person relay) which will start and finishes at the Ashbrooke Sports Club on Saturday 3 November. For 2018 we have a brand new route which covers an eclectic route of paths, roads, tracks, streams and other byways mainly to the North of the area. There are 5 checkpoints at roughly equal distances of 6 miles apart where competitors can take on board the proffered food and drink. Competitors are provided with a full route book although may conduct recce runs in advance, they are also provided with printed maps with the route marked.

The route book is here. Maps are hereherehere and here – I’ve had to draw in the route across Northern Spire as it doesn’t yet appear on the OS maps.

The total distance to be covered by competitors can be either 37 or 40 miles, this is because of the Ultra parkrun Challenge. CP1 is adjacent to the Start/Finish of Sunderland parkrun. After an 8am start this point is 6.8 miles into the event. Competitors can simply continue along the route to CP2, alternatively they can take part in parkrun and register a time, parkrun will start at 9am. The fastest recorded parkrun by an Urban Ultra competitor who subsequently completes the full course will be awarded the Ultra parkrun Challenge Trophy.

There are cut-off times along the route, these are as follows (times based on 8am start):

CP 1 – Silksworth Complex – 6.8 miles – 1 hr 55 mins (9:55am)

CP 2 – Fatfield – 12.8/15.8 miles – 4 hrs 20 min (12:20pm)

CP 3 – Hylton Castle – 19.1/22.1 miles – 6 hrs (2pm)

CP 4 – Wellhouse Farm – 25.8/28.8 miles – 8 hrs (4pm)

CP 5 – Roker Pier – 32.8/35.8 miles – 10 hrs (6pm)

There will be trophies for 1/2/3 male and female competitors along with 1/2/3 teams in the relay.

There are shower and changing facilities available at the Ashbrooke Sports Club (Race HQ) and there will be hot food and drinks for all competitors. Relay runners will change over at CP 3, transport will be provided from Ashbrooke and will also recover all first leg runners back to Ashbrooke.


Despite the route rarely being far from civilisation we INSIST that all competitors carry all of the following kit throughout the event:

Waterproof top / 500ml emergency drink / emergency food / torch / whistle / hat (or buff) & gloves / mobile phone, fully charged with HQ numbers loaded / map pack & route book

Further we recommend you carry:

Waterproof Trousers / Cash / Spare long sleeve base layer

All competitors will be issued with a route book and map pack at registration (from 7am) but these will not be waterproofed.


11 Responses

  1. Connie says:

    Looking forward to attending this as my first ultra run. Can’t wait to sign up for it.

  2. Patrick Oakley says:

    Just reading the route from CP1 – CP2. Is CP2 the carpark close to the Oddfellows arms? I’ll be doing some recce runs but just trying to get some understanding of it prior. Thanks.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Yes, that’s absolutely correct. Please do let me know if you have any problems with the route notes. One of the Strollers has been working his way around the route and made a couple of updates which I’ll upload shortly. None of them are particularly major but enhance what is already there.


  3. Walt Cartwright says:

    We’ve done a couple of the sections and the guide books are really good, just need to Google map them before to get bearings.

  4. David Rowe says:

    Is it possible to get a route map prior to the race.

  5. Patrick Oakley says:

    Just a heads up to all who are unfamiliar with the route. I’ve completed 4 recce runs of different check points and the route guide is spot on in my opinion. Got a bit lost in the fulwell quarry area as there are worn in paths running off in all directions as you head eastwards aiming for the acoustic mirror etc. Apart from that, the guide is a massive help. Thanks and Regards.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Patrick

      Many thanks for the kind words, we’re aware of a couple of minor errors but delighted that you’ve found the notes clear and useful. See you on the 3rd.

      Harry Harrison

  6. Laura Todd says:

    Hi Harry,

    The waterproof trousers are mine. I’ve been looking all over for them today for another race on Sunday!

    Just let me know how or where I can collect them from please.

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