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We arrange sociable training sessions six days per week

Running with a group is a great way to learn tips and tricks about becoming a better runner. It also is great motivator to get you out when the weather isn’t great. Below is the weekly schedule, on a less regular basis there are Tempo Runs along with ad-hoc runs both here in Sunderland, across the North Yorkshire Moors and in the Lake District. Details of these are posted on the Club’s Facebook Group, this is only open to Club Members.

    •  Monday – Penshaw Hill Run.

      This is typically a 10k run across very undulating terrain, head torches are essential during the winter months and trail shoes are recommended. It can get very muddy but it’s great for strength training. There is plenty of regrouping in this session.

      Meet on the road at the bottom of Penshaw monument at 6pm

    • Monday – Silksworth Underpass Run
      A choice of either 4.75 or 3.5 mile loop runs run at varying paces, used by many as a recovery run if they’ve been racing at the weekend.

      Meet at the underpass on Silksworth Lane (Sainsbury’s end) for a 6:15pm start.

    • Tuesday – Fast group Track session.
      A Track session at Silksworth Track, this is aimed at Men hoping to achieve sub 36 minutes for 10k and women aiming for Sub 39. This is a hard track session and there is no re-grouping. If you’re new to the club we’d suggest starting with the track sessions on Wednesdays.
      Please remember that we don’t have exclusive use of the track so please be courteous to other users and adhere to the club track guidlines which you can find here

      Meet in the car park above the track at 5:15pm to get warmed up for a 5:30pm start.

    • Wednesday – Main Club night.
      If you are new the Wednesday evening training session is the best one to come along to as this is our main training night. Non-members are welcome to come along and ‘try before you buy’. Usually we have over 100 runners turn out and we aim to have:
    • • 5 Packs based loosely on your 10k time: sub 41 minutes, 41-45, 45-48, 48-51, 51-55 & 55+ covering distances between 4.5 & 8.5 miles. Each session will contain a variety of efforts and the majority are led by a UKA Run Leader.
      • An eight mile steady run at 8:15-8:30/mile.
      • A six mile steady run at 9:15 -9:30/mile.
      • A joggers group running 4-6 miles at 11-12 minute miles.We also go for a drink in the bar afterwards.

      Meet in Ashbrooke Sports club at 7pm

    • Wednesday – Track Session.
      This is a track session for everyone and takes place from 7:30 to 8:30. The sessions are different every week and there are plenty of senior runners on hand to help anyone not experienced in track running. If you want to start increasing the speed you run at this is a really good session.
      Please remember that we don’t have exclusive use of the track so please be courteous to other users and adhere to the club track guidlines which you can find here

      Meet at Silksworth track for 7:30 warmed up and ready to go.

    • Friday – Silksworth Underpass Run
      A very gentle run to close the week, usually around 3.5 miles at around 9-10 minute mile pace.

      Meet at the Underpass at 5:45pm

    • Friday – Barnes run.
      A weekly run from the Barnes pub, the route changes every week but is approximately 6 miles. There is plenty of re-grouping and people of all abilities are welcome.

      Meet in the Barnes Pub Car Park at 6pm ready for a 6:05pm start

    • Saturday – Penshaw Hill
      Darren Barnes will be leading a 7 mile (roughly) session around Penshaw hill, no head torches required for this one but again trail shoes are recommended as some of the trails can be muddy and wet. There will be plenty of re-grouping.

      Meet on the road at the bottom of Penshaw monument at 08:55am

    • Sunday – Roker / Seaburn Seafront
      Runs covering distances from 6-20+ miles head out from the Bungalow Cafe (Roker) or opposite Morrisons (Seaburn) at varying paces. Depending on races there are often longer runs heading out from The Barnes Pub, with regrouping and opportunities to cut short if people don’t wish to cover the full distance. Again details are promoted on the Club Facebook group.

      Meet at the Bungalow Cafe at 9am or Morrisons (10am).

86 Responses

  1. Hello I used to run for the strollers when I was a young lad in my twenties and thirties. My name is Vincent oliver and I am now 50. I have put a bit weight on and weigh around 15 stone. I regret stopping my running as I was at a pretty good standard and was getting better all the time. I was wanting to start running again. What would you suggest. Thank you

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Vincent, Since you could probably get back into running reasonably easily I’d recommend coming along to a few Strollers Wednesday evening sessions and giving it a go, we are currently taking out around 100 people split across a range of paces, the slowest being for runners able to maintain 10/11 minute miles. They usually run around 5/6 miles. Alternatively we have just started a new Beginners group, they meet at Ashbrooke at 6:30pm every Tuesday. It’s a 16 week course, costs £10 and should quickly get you back into running – hope to see you soon.

  2. Thanks harry. Took a while to reply as I changed my sim card. I might come along to training on Wednesday. I always see people running around the lakes at Silksworth and makes me feel bad that I gave up. They also make me feel like doing it. But as you know watching and doing are so different.

  3. Nicola Young says:

    Hi I’m wondering if I was to turn up for the Monday morning run at penshaw how difficult it is? I would love to join the Wednesday group but I don’t finish work til 7pm every night. I can manage 3 miles so far and have been running in my own.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Nicola

      I think that you’d find the Penshaw run a little beyond you at the moment, they usually cover around 6-7 miles and while the pace is not fast (and they regroup regularly) you may find the distance too far. An alternative would be the Monday or Friday Underpass run. The groups meet by the underpass at the end of Silksworth Lane. On a Monday they meet at 6pm and do around 4 miles while on a Friday they meet at 5:45pm and do slightly less.

  4. Ellie Norman says:

    I used to run for Mablethorpe running club back home but I’ve been at uni 2 years and stopped running and miss it a lot. Been meaning to join here but I’ve just put it off for so long so my times would have dropped massively now!
    What training sessions do you think would suit me to get back into running because I’d love to join a club again x

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Ellie

      You’d be more than welcome to join us and we’re also more than happy for you to come along a few times before deciding whether to join. Our main training night is Wednesday when we meet at 7pm at Ashbrooke Sports Club on West Lawn in Ashbrooke. We usually take out around 100 runners in 5 or more groups to do a proscribed session led by qualified leaders. The groups vary in pace from scarily fast to the more gentle paced groups who are aiming for 9/10 min miles. On other nights we have some organised runs at a variety of paces. Many of them also re-group frequently so that no one gets left behind. Once you get to know people in the Club who run at around the same pace as yourself then many organise their own runs at times and in locations that suit them best.
      I’d recommend that you come down and give us a try, we have runners of all ages and abilities and we’re a friendly bunch. Ask for me (Harry Harrison) or our Chairman (Phil Watson).

  5. Estelle says:

    I’ve been running for 6 months now. Twice per week. I run on my own and do around 6 miles. What night would be best for me and at what times?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Estelle,

      You’re more than welcome to come and try us for a couple of weeks before making any decision about joining. Our main Club night is Wednesday when we meet at 7pm at the Ashbrooke Sports Club. We do something different each week with groups of varying pace being led by volunteers who will guide you through the session. We’re usually back at Ashbrooke before 8:30pm. On other nights there are groups who run in various places across the city, the main ones being a group that runs from the underpass by Silksworth Lane at 6:15pm, they cover about 4.5 miles. Then on a Friday a group runs from The Barnes pub, they will do up to 7/8 miles but re-group frequently to ensure no one gets left behind. This is quite a social run a good chance to get to know others. Many use it to make arrangements for other runs at times and in places that are convenient to them.

      Hope to see you soon.

      • Steve Drew says:

        Hi, is the Barnes park run on a Friday night still happening? I’d like to start running more regularly, have been thinking about joining the club since doing the 10k run in May and I live near the pub so it’d be ideal…so if it’s still on, what would I do next-send in an application form?

        • Harry Harrison says:

          Hi Steve

          No need to join straight away, come and run with us a few times before making your decision. There is a group which runs from the Barnes pub (Sunderland end) on Fridays. They meet at 6 and head off shortly afterwards for around 6/7 miles. It’s a very sociable run with plenty of re-grouping to ensure that no one gets left behind.

  6. Anthony says:


    Can you advise if you run any training nights in the Seaburn & Roker area?


    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Anthony

      We train all over the city, starting at Ashbrooke Sports Club on Wednesday evenings from 7pm groups are taken out on a variety of routes including Seaburn and Roker.

  7. Lynne Brewster says:

    hello, i met at the Barnes tonight and ran about 6 miles with the strollers …i felt that i held them up a bit so i will probably just stick with a tuesday night run from Ashbrooke..i must say that the regrouping was great i just feel that there was a lack of runners like myself…

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Lynne

      Unfortunately it just depends who turns up but I’m pleased that they re-grouped and they always will. Don’t worry as the Friday run is meant to be social rather than formal training. I’m sure if you encourage some of the Tuesday runners to join you then you will be very welcome.

  8. Lynne Brewster says:

    Hello Harry…can i run again tonight from the Barnes car park without feeling i hold runners up….i want to improve on last weeks run…

  9. Danny says:

    Hi i took part in the sunderland pier 2 pier race last week and really enjoyed the experience and would like to join a running club what would be the best night to come along to training with me been new?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Danny

      Our main Club night is Wednesday when we meet at Ashbrooke Sports Club at 7pm and run out in groups of varying pace all over Sunderland. The groups cater for paces from around 11/12 min miles and then progressively faster. The best thing to do is come along for a few weeks to see if it suits you before you decide whether to join us. There are other runs organised through the week, all the details can be found on the website.

  10. Hannah Jeffrey says:

    Hi. Do you still have a beginners club on a Tuesday?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Hannah

      I’m afraid that our 2016 Beginners Group has now finished it’s 16 week programme and many of the successfull participants are running with the Club. We don’t have any immediate plans to run another Beginners Group this year. There are a few groups in Sunderland that cater specifically for beginners that run sessions throughout the year. There is the Silky Striders, based at the Silksworth Complex who meet on a Tuesday and also the Seafront Smilers who are based at the Seaburn Centre and meet on a Monday and Thursday. You’ll find all their details on their respective Facebook pages, I can strongly recommend them as excellent introductions to running full of welcoming, qualified leaders who provide a free structured programme to encourage people to take up running. Good luck.

  11. Dave Herring says:

    I’ll be in Sunderland from the US on Tuesday 7/26 for the Lakeland 100. I would love to come out for a casual run on Wednesday 7/28.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Dave

      You’d be more than welcome, I’m guessing you may have come across some Strollers as part of your LL100 preparations. We meet at the Ashbrooke Club at 7pm, this week the whole club is running together doing a negative split session but people can run as hard or light as they want. There will be others doing gentle runs, some will be taking part in the LL50 or LL100 this weekend. Ask for Harry and if you don’t make it we’ll see you at CP3 on Friday evening.

  12. Jenna mills says:

    Hello! I’m 23 and recently moved to Sunderland and look to meet new people and get fit, which club would you recommend with me just starting out running 🙂 thanks

  13. Lynne Brewster says: our training on this Wednesday 3rd Aug from the club as usual……

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Lynne

      I’m afraid not this week as we’re taking part in the Gallery Jewellers Cup which is an annual Club Race against South Shields Harriers. Normal sessions resume next week.

  14. Lynne Brewster says:

    good luck…

  15. Morning strollers
    I am 37 reasonably fit and would like to try the running club one night. I have never tried to run more than 4 miles non stop and can normally cover 3 miles in about 24 mins…and I find that quite tough.
    I would like to give the group a go and hope you can advise which session would be best.
    I hope to meet you soon.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Simon

      Apologies for the slow reply, someone let me take a holiday!!

      Our main Club night is Wednesday when we meet at Ashbrooke Sports Club at 7pm and run out in groups of varying pace all over Sunderland. The groups cater for paces from around 11/12 min miles and then progressively faster. The best thing to do is come along for a few weeks to see if it suits you before you decide whether to join us. There are other runs organised through the week, all the details can be found on the website. The groups on a Wednesday are likely to push to you beyond 4 miles but it will be at a slower pace so hopefully you will cope.

      Harry Harrison – Club Secretary

  16. Heather blakie says:

    Hi I’m wanting to join a running club to improve my time for gnr I did it this year at 2 hours 14 with no training. Can you tell me what group n time would be best? I live seaburn way

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Heather

      Our main Club night is Wednesday when we meet at Ashbrooke Sports Club at 7pm and take out a number of groups of different abilities. There are other runs during the week, details on the website. Best advice would be to come and give us a go no obligation to join straight away and see what you think.

  17. Paul Bevan says:

    Hi I enjoy running and have used the track at Silksworth on numerous occasions running on my own as well as the gym treadmill two or three times a week but I think it would be more fun running in a social group. Could I try before I join and I don’t know which group I’d fit into? What are your thoughts?

    • Harry Harrison says:


      We encourage people to come and give us a try before they decide to join. Our main Club night is Weds when we take out groups of varying paces based loosely upon your anticipated 10K time. We meet at Ashbrooke Sports Club at 7pm and we’re usually back by about 8.30pm. Come down and ask for me or Bill Kirk and we’ll sort out which is the best group for you to start with.


  18. Piper Paterson says:

    Hi there is this still on as I’d like to come and run. I am reasonably fit but would like others to jog/run with

    • Harry Harrison says:

      The best night to sample Strollers is Wednesday when we meet at the Ashbrooke Sports Club at 7pm. Groups of varying abilities are taken out with the distances varying between 4.5-7.5 miles. Everyone is usually back around 8:30pm. You don’t have to join first, come along and try before you decide.

  19. Lesley Allwright says:

    Hi Harry. I met some of your lovely ladies at the Silksworth Park Run and they suggested I contact the club to ask about joining. I know you are thinking about starting a beginners group in the New Year but after reading the training and the responses above, it may be better for me to join the Club Night? I am not very fast but enjoy doing the Park Runs and am keen to try and get my distance and speed up a bit. Unfortunately, with working in Newcastle the Club Night may be the best night to attend as it is at a slightly later time. What do you think ?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Lesley

      I’ll try to reply to both your messages. If you’re already comfortable running parkrun then the Wednesday sessions will be the correct place to be. They run slightly further than a parkrun but will also doing some running drills which will help you increase your strength and speed. We meet at 7pm at Ashbrooke and try to be out of the door by 7:15pm, we’re usually back by 8:30pm. You’re more than welcome to come and try for a few weeks before making a decision whether to join.

      Best wishes


      • Lesley Allwright says:

        Thank you for replying back toe Harry. Im certainly looking forward it in January, albeit nervous walking through that door on the Wednesday night. Hope everyone at the club has a wonderful Christmas and New Year xxx

  20. christina jurgens says:

    hi I was wanting to get involved in a running club do I have to join and if so how do I join I am very interested in getting involved, looking forward to hearing from you.
    kind regards

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Christina

      You don’t have to join in order to come and give us a try. All of the details are on the website, Wednesday is our main Club night and we meet at Ashbrooke at 7pm before heading out in a range of different ability groups. This week wouldn’t be the best to start with us as the majority of the runners will be taking part in a race at Roker but next week we’ll be back to normal.


  21. Christina says:

    Hi Harry I will come this Wednesday and try it out thanks


  22. Chris Lewis says:

    Hi All. I’m from Bristol and in February I am in Sunderland studying on a 3 week brewing course. I run with a couple of local groups here at home and would love to be able to do the same during my stay in Sunderland. Would you guys be able to accomodate me on some of your training nights? (I run all distances, with passable times I’d like to think!).

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Chris

      Absolutely, you would be most welcome. Our main Club night is Wednesday, you’ll find all the details on the website. Hope to see you at the Club.


  23. Brian says:

    Hi Harry , I am a complete beginner , 39 and pretty heavy and I’m wanting to come along on Wednesday to try out ,
    Can I just turn up and join a group run and see how I get on ?

    Many Thanks


    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Brian

      If you’re a complete beginner then you need to come along to our Beginners Group which is every Tuesday, meeting at Ashbrooke at 6:15pm. The group (100+) started 3 weeks ago and this is the last week that we will be accepting any new additions. I’m afraid that even the slowest group on a Wednesday will cover around 4.5 miles at a reasonable pace which would be too much at this stage.

  24. Christina says:

    Hi I’ve been the group a couple of times now you were saying last week about payment can I pay online and how? Also when I print and fill in the membership format do I hand it in this Wednesday?

    Thanks Christina

  25. Anna Scott says:


    I used to run with the club a couple of years back, before I had my son, and am looking to join again. I’m a bit slower than I used to be but still run occasionally now. Would I be best off coming along on a Wednesday or should I join the beginners group? Thanks, Anna

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Anna

      The Beginners Group is now closed to any new starters, they’re up to 7 weeks now and we need to focus on building their miles. You’d be more than welcome to come down on a Wednesday and join us again. I suspect that you’d be able to work successfully with us if you’re already running occasionally. No need to re-join immediately, give it a try first.


  26. Ashleigh says:

    Hello I saw an advert for a beginners course on Tuesday nights but it was for back in January. Will you be doing anything like this again? Thanks

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Ashleigh

      Yes, unfortunately the Beginners Course for 2017 completed their 16 week course only this week. Because of the numbers and commitment involved we only run one course per year, the next one won’t be until Jan 2018. There are a couple of other beginner groups in Sunderland I can recommend. The Silky Striders operate from the Puma Centre in Silksworth while the SeafRunt Smilers work from Seaburn. If you go to the Run Britain website you’ll be able to find their details including when and where they meet. They’re both very friendly and take complete beginners along with those wanting to get back into running. There is also parkrun which doesn’t train people but offers a free, weekly 5K run or walk at Silksworth. They meet at 9am every Saturday just by the Puma Centre carpark. You need to register at first but it’s all completely free.

  27. Anthony says:

    Hi I am interested in joining . Just a little unsure how to go about it.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Anthony

      The best thing to do is come and give us a try, you can do this without joining. Our main Club night is Wednesday when we meet at Ashbrooke Sports Club at 7pm. Five groups of varying abilities head out for their training session all lead by a qualified run leader. Depending on the group they’ll cover between 4.5-8.5 miles with some varying paces to improve the training value. If you decide you like us then you can download the membership form from the website, pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer just £25 for membership until the end of 2018.

      If you come on a Wednesday, ask for me or Bill Kirk.

      Harry Harrison

  28. Bev Elliott says:

    Could you tell me if you are putting a beginners class on in 2018.

  29. Lisa says:

    Hi, myself & my sister are interested in the beginners class for 2018, do you require names beforehand or can we just turn up

  30. Gavin Mulvaney says:

    Hi, does the Monday night session still take place, I might have a look along if that would be okay?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Sorry Gavin, only just seen this question. Yes there is a regular Monday night run which starts from the underpass beneath Essen Way by The Range. It caters for all abilities as there is re-grouping to ensure no one gets left behind. People meet just after 6pm and the runners get away at 6:15pm. The route is down to the Toll Bar, up Ryhope Road to Belvedere Road, along past Thornhill School and finishes at The Barnes.

  31. Chris Soutar says:

    Hi, looking to join – what is the best approach before looking to turn up to one of the sessions?

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Chris
      Yes, you’re more than welcome to come along to one of our sessions to give us a try before joining. Wednesday’s are best, we gather at 7pm at Ashbrooke Sports Club. Ask for me or Bill Kirk and we can explain how it all works.


  32. joanne waterworth says:

    Hi. I’ve asked to join your FB page and it’s keep rejecting me, I was hoping to join you all as I need to start training properly to do tBe pier to pier and the GNR . Is it possible to join you o. A Sunday morning please.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Joanne

      Our FB group is for members only, hence the rejections. You are more than welcome to come and try us out. Wednesday’s are best, 7pm at Ashbrooke Sports Club. While we are happy for you to ‘try before you buy’ we would expect someone who is running regularly with any of the runs posted on the website to become a member.

  33. Neil Procter says:

    Are you still able to turn up to the main Wednesday night training to train/speak about joining?
    I’m currently training solo following treatment for IT Band syndrome after the GNR, back upto comfortably covering 7+ miles pain free and looking for some motivation to continue through the winter months.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Neil

      Hoped you enjoyed last night, I’ll pass on your membership form to the Membership Secretary annotated Paying Online. Welcome to the Club, see you next week, 7pm at Ashbrooke Sports Club.


  34. Ian Reid says:

    Hi my daughter is 13 and looking to join a club, what’s the best way to go about it thanks Ian.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Ian
      I’m afraid that Sunderland Strollers is an adults only running Club, for your daughter you need to try either Sunderland Harriers or Houghton Harriers. You’ll find them both online.


  35. Helen Knight says:

    Over the last few months I’ve gotten back into running after having to take a long time off following a severe knee injury (managed to do the Kielder Half just over a week ago), and I’m looking to join a club to keep motivated. Would it be okay to turn up to the club night tomorrow with a view to likely joining? Many thanks!

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Helen

      Yes that would be absolutely fine, we encourage people to ‘try before you buy’. We meet at 7pm downstairs in the Ashbrooke Sports Club. Ask for me and I’ll explain how it all works. Well done on Kielder, I got my marathon medal through this morning, hope you’ve got yours.


  36. Kirsty pound. says:

    Hi. Are you still able to turn up on a Wednesday night.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Kirsty

      Sorry for slow reply, if you’re already running and can cover up to 5 miles in around an hour then you’re more than welcome to come along on a Wednesday and give us a try. This week we’re not operating from Ashbrooke but down on Roker Sea Front (by Sue’s Cafe) from 7:30pm where we have a 5K race set up. If you want to take part come down around 7:15pm and ask for me. Otherwise it’s every Wednesday at 7pm in the Ashbrooke Sports Club.


  37. Lorn says:


    Is anyone welcome to join the Wednesday group? Or if not, do you have a beginners group?


    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Lorn

      Sorry for slow reply, if you’re already running and can cover up to 5 miles in around an hour then you’re more than welcome to come along on a Wednesday and give us a try. It’s every Wednesday at 7pm in the Ashbrooke Sports Club, ask for me and I can explain more.


  38. Kate says:

    Hi, I just wanted to check if you still have a beginner/ex-beginner group on a Wednesday and if I can just show up? I run 5-ish miles in about an hour.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Kate

      If you can run 5 miles in around an hour you are more than capable of joining the main club, our beginners group for 2019 has now finished. We meet at Ashbrooke Cricket Club at 7pm. For this week I’m not there as I’ll be away but if you speak to Tricia she’ll explain how it all works.


  39. camilla says:

    Hello, when is the next beginners strollers group starting? Thanks

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Camilla

      Our next Beginners Group won’t be until January 2020, they require a considerable commitment from our volunteers and it would be unfair on them to ask them to help more than once per year.


  40. John larkin says:

    Hi I’m looking to join a ruuning club and was wondering if I could come a long to a couple of your sessions? I’m currently running 6 times a week, running about 60mins. I work unsociable hours and the Monday and Wednesday sessions would be great.
    I am a experienced runner and was wondering if it was ok to just turn up thanks John

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi John
      Sorry for slow reply, yes you’re more than welcome to come and try us before deciding whether to join. We have quite a few members who work shifts/unsocial hours so they just fit in when they can. Quite often some will get together and run together whenever it’s convenient for them.

      I’m usually at both the Monday & Wednesday sessions so ask for me and we can have a chat.


  41. Ellie says:

    Hiya, i was wondering what the age requirement is to join. Id be looking to join the beginners group in January which would make me 16

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Ellie

      I’m afraid that we’re an adults only group (18 and upwards). We have in the past allowed people to start with the Beginners if they are going to be 18 during the course but I’m afraid 16 is too young. There are a couple of Run England groups, Silky Striders and SeaFront Smilers who I believe will take younger runners, they are also very much focused around beginners. You’ll find them both on Facebook.


  42. Kym says:

    I would love to get back into running again. I used to run regularly in my teens and twenties but then stopped. I do occasionally go out and don’t find it too difficult to get back into it but would like to run with a group of people.

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Kym

      Apologies for the slow reply, busy with the drudgery of work!!

      You’re more than welcome to come and give us a try before deciding whether to join. You’ve obviously found the website and had a look round so you’ll see what we’ve got planned over the coming months. Our main night is Wednesday but there are groups running at other times, often arranged through our Members Only Facebook group. If you let me know ( when you’re likely to come down I’ll make sure someone looks out for you, makes you welcome and explains how it all works.

      Hope to meet you soon

      Harry Harrison
      Club Chairman

  43. Craig Jackson says:

    I’ve just moved back to the Fulwell area and am a keen runner looking to join a club, make friends and improve. Just checking Wednesday’s are still the main night and I can attend a session before joining?

    Many Thanks, Craig

    • Harry Harrison says:

      Hi Craig

      Thanks for the message, you’re more than welcome to come and ‘try before you buy’ on a Wednesday. We split into 5 packs with one taking a turn each week at Silksworth Track. The remaining packs meet at Ashbrooke Sports Club from 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start. All sessions are led and include efforts, plenty of regrouping so no one gets left behind. Hope you’re able to join us soon. Tonight D & E Packs are at the track, the rest at Ashbrooke. Afraid I won’t be there but if you let people know that you’re new they’ll explain everything.

      Harry Harrison
      Club Chairman
      Sunderland Strollers

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